The Real Editorial

Scene Statistics: Pre-results

The E-Mag Network - Introduction

Credits for this issue

How to get active for Hugi

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Demoscene Forum

Guidelines for the Demoscene Forum

What is Moving the Scene?

Scene News From All Over The World

Peace And Love - The World Scene Against Hatred and War

What about the Dutch Scene?

Tesko, 1993-1999

Scene Critics

The Magic Purple Scene Bag

The C64 Is Not Dead!

Ripped Graphics in Hugi #14: The True Story

Keeping up with the change?

Summer Lovin'!

A Strange World Called Scene

Ripped Music in demos - My view

Good Scener, Bad Scener

Less 3D please!

Is the scene becoming old fashioned?

Flaming me softly

Why doesn't your group release its code?

My very personal inactivity

Reaction to: "The Lack Of Articles"

I want to be elite!

The Gathering Trip

Quotes, Quarrels and Quips

The Gathering '99 Demos

The Gathering '99 Intros 64k

Mekka & Symposium 2k-1 Wild Demos

Fast Interview with MRI, ex-member of Doomsday

Fast Interview with Unreal of CNCD

Interview with Petro Tyschtschenko, Amiga International, Inc.

Interview with Rahiem and Touchstone of Essence

Tech Talk

Guidelines for the Tech Talk section

Scene Standards

Demos on the Win32 platform

Bugs, Errors and "Features"

The Intel/IBM Problem

About MP3s

Damned MP3-Releases

MP3s in Demos (Part Two)

Some Moans, Mutterings and General Bitching about Linux

Linux Article Addendum

The Future of 80x86 and Coding?

Disk Magazines

Guidelines for the Diskmag section

Diskmags Interscenial

Ten Golden Rules for making a diskmag

Editors Are Not Scene Gods

Natural Born Writers

History of Daskmig

Diskmag Overview - The Latest Diskmags

Review: Amnesia #1

Review: Shine #4

Review: Takeover e-zine

Review: Trip #11


Ambience '99

Arf!Party '99

Cologne Conference '98 (I)

Cologne Conference '98 (II)

Mekka & Symposium 2k-1

Spring Break '99

The Gathering '99

Music Corner

Music Editorial

French Tracking Scene

Small music groups in the scene

Counterstatement to "Small music groups in the scene"

RBi Music Productions - Introduction

Interview with Djamm of Sunlikamelo-D and KFMF

Interview with Jay of RBi Music Productions

Interview with Necros of Five Musicians

Interview with Purple Motion of Future Crew

Review: "I" by Deranged

Tiefsee Productions are searching for MP3-Artists

Coding and Maths

Guidelines for the Coding And Maths section

Fixed Point Maths

Matrix Operations

2D Rotation and why it works

Displaying 256 colour PCX pictures

Programming Graphics in Assembler

Faster and better RGB Palette Fades

The definitive Guide to the Third Dimension (Part 1)

An Introduction to Linked Lists and Nodes

Quick Sort, a fast sorting algorithm

Stacks, Pipes and Circular Buffers

DirectX Basics

Alpha Blending

Realtime Radial Blur Filter

Back Face Culling

Line Drawing in Mode-X

Textmode Colors

3D Clipping

Parabolic Curves and Fake-G

Optimizing "Putbits" Part II

Optimizing "Getbits" Part I

RLE: A basic data compression scheme

A Huffman, but no tree?

Decoding a Tree-Less Huffman

Move To Front: A transformation algorithm

Storing and Searching for Byte Sequences

LZW - Some patent free ideas

Some Thoughts about LZ Compression

LZP for Small Files?

Rolling The Dice, in a pseudo-way


Guidelines for the Creative Writing section

Hugi Raider III - Quest For Life

The Mountain

Sweet Gentle Blackbird

The Story of Arfie

Fucked up

Stardust Chapter 3

Pet Detective

The Politics Of The Scene

The Age Of Falling Morals

How To Get Away With Cutting Classes