I want to be elite!

Written by Makke

In Hugi #14 Adok talked about "The Need to be ELITE" and claimed that the guy who said he didn't like the "I'm elite and you're not"-attitude some scene archive has actually said that he wants to be elite. Now, many of you probably already know that the guy is me. And, as Adok said, I WANT TO BE ELITE. What's the meaning of being a scener if you don't want to be at the top, with thousands of people knowing your name, and liking what you do? I mean really. Humanity always works to get better and better. That's one of humanity's greatest faults. To never be satisfied. I'm already pretty well known, but I'm not elite. People don't think I'm a trendsetter of any kind. Most people have probably never heard any of my songs, but have read some of the words I've typed for different mags.

Then why do I want to become elite when I say I don't like elite attitudes? It's quite simple really. I want to become elite because I want people to see that elite dudes are no gods. They're not šbermensch of any kind. They're human, just like everyone else. The only DIFFERENCE between elite and "non-elite" is that the elite often feel satisfied. And THAT is what makes people think they are non-human.

Adok is elite, and he's a human. I like him, he's nice. He talks to me as an equal though Adok has achieved something very big in the scene. He has been the driving force of Hugi and made it a great international mag. Many people compare it with Imphobia, and many even think it's better than Imphoboia. And THAT has to be considered elite as Imphobia was the unquestioned leader of the PC-dmag scene. All this thanks to Adok's NON-elite attitude. (Then again, if Adok started getting cocky on me I'd just go down and beat his ass up a little.)

And that's what I want eliteness to be all about. People who are elite should be respected in a different way, but not be seen as gods. And here another problem occurs. People in general seem to believe that a person who doesn't act elitely ISN'T elite. He's almost elite. Yet not. He hasn't developed the elite-ego yet. And that makes us think he isn't elite. And to make elite more "human" could be dangerous. Some people worked hard to be looked upon as god, and when we take that from them everything they've worked for disappears.

So I actually think we need both the ELITE-attitude and the NON-elite attitude ELITE dudes. (Whoa!! This is getting hard to understand.) Why do we need to have both?

Because if somebody feels like being a scene god, let them. There's nothing worse than people telling you how you should be. But if there are some people showing you that you don't have to be an egocentric son of a bitch to be elite, you might consider being nice even if you're elite.

- Makke/Hugi/Trebel