RBi Music Productions - Introduction

Written by Jay

Hello there, I'm jay from rbi music productions. I've been a musician since 1994 and a member of rbi since 1997. Before that, I was a member of Explizit, a group with its own diskmag, Exploration. With this article I just wanted to tell something about us, rbi music productions.

What is rbi?

Rbi is music group started in 1991. Rbi stands for 'rave beats international', a very old name which isn't right anymore because we don't really do rave nowadays. We kept the name and changed it only a little bit so people still recognize us. So now everybody should know us as 'rbi music productions'.

Who is in rbi?

Right now, rbi has 6 members: Morphine, Neophite, Screes, Neotraxx, Looman and me. Morphine does a lot of styles and is a very good allround musician. Neophite specialized on trance/goa, which he is very very good at. Screes also tracks a lot of goa, but is going to do more styles in the future. Neotraxx likes composing club-trance, a slightly commercial style of trance that is very popular these days. Looman has just joined the rbi team and released a very nice acid-track called 'party on acid'. I'm also getting more 'allround', most people know me from my funky club/house music, but I do a lot of styles right now like trance, goa abd d&b. I'm even working on a new chemical/bigbeat track.

Where can rbi be found on the net?

Our homepage is located at http://www.rbi-music.demon.nl. At the moment we are working on a total restyle of our site. In the future we will bring a site with lots of info, music and news. Here is a recent e-mail-list of rbi:

jay - can be contacted at: jay.rbi@wxs.nl
morphine - can be contacted at: morphine@nl.scene.org
neophite - can be contacted at: neophite@wxs.nl
screes - can be contacted at: screes@dds.nl
neotraxx - can be contacted at: neotraxx@rbi-music.demon.nl
looman - can be contacted at: filip.lewin@swipnet.se

Don't hesistate to mail us if you have any questions or other things.

Also, me and Screes have personal homesites:
jay - http://surf.to/musicstation
screes - http://surf.to/screes

Last words.

Well, I hope you now know something about us. If want more info, visit our homepage or contact us.


- jay / rbi music productions