Small Music Groups In The Scene

Written by Unzeen

There have been some articles in the recent issues of Hugi about the many small music groups in the scene. I am in one of those small groups. I founded it in October 1998 with one of my friends who tracks as well. We thought that we might as well make a small group we could release our music in until we might be able to enter a larger, well-known one (or our own would grow large and well-known). In this group, every time one of us releases new music, the other one will comment on it, and we are twice as many to make people visit our site ( - please visit). So our partnership is practical and of course we encourage each other. But feedback from one person is not really satisfactory, so we try to get people to mail us comments on our music in order to keep getting better, and maybe some day get to be 'known' in the scene.

Each of us could have made a separate homepage and not belonged to any group, I have never heard anyone complaining about people doing that, but we gain much more from being this small group to start with. I would gladly abandon our group if both of us had other groups to turn to, but we haven't! And until we get better, with the help of people's feedback, it's not something that just happens. Beginning something is always hard, and I think it helps beginning trackers to start in a small group where they are at least known to some people. It is the first step on the road to becoming a good tracker. In small groups you also learn from each other.

Some attempts have been made to make organizations (or big groups) where beginning trackers can feel at home and at least belong somewhere. I am now a member of United Trackers (, but it's too huge to be a place where you can expect your music to be heard. They have several thousand members - the music scene is big!

What I described here is probably some of the reasons that trackers form small groups - it's my reasons, anyway. So when you download something from a small group and you have ANY opinion at all about the music, then send some comments to the composer - it will almost certainly be greatly appreciated.

Of course, this article can be seen as a kind of promotion for myself and my group, and I wouldn't mind if someone who found my article interesting considered visiting our site, listening to some of my music, and most important - sent me some comments. But the main reason for my writing this is (believe it or not) that I thought that not everybody was aware of these reasons for forming small groups.

P.S. Feedback on this article will also be appreciated, since it's my first one for a diskmag.

- Unzeen/CTC