Quotes, Quarrels and Quips

Written by Adok

Welcome to the sequel to the "Quotes and Puns" from Hugi #13! This section was on vacation in the last issue as we have got several complaints by German guys dreading that their statements and slips on public IRC channels and newsgroups find their way into this mag. In fact one guy even threatened to beat me up at Mekka & Symposium 2k-1 - luckily I was not able to attend the party anyway! By now the majority, however, has realized that a Hugi without any entertaining scenish quotes is only 50% fun. Well, here is what you were missing! N-Joy!


 MM-3o3/Octlabs: "(Dick Compo) Results For adok^hugi: [X---------] 0/30cm !
                  Very short Dick detected !"

 d-lee/Exceed/Hjb: "adok!"
 Adok/Hugi:        "hi dee lee!"
 Psychic Symphony: "adok: he is not dlee! he is deltree"

 thorsten/purple: "i weigh 200 years, and i'm 75 kg's old."

 White Shade: "adok:  they're  not  the  greatest  (my earlier writing)  but  I
               suppose that's good for non-native english spankers"

 zeroic (on greeting Unreal/CNCD): "FUN_ERAL"

 hydron: "Gaffer: any luck with ar.se domain yet? ;)"

 thorsten/purple: "most  of  the  people who write  stuff  on newsgroups and in
                   diskmags  are  full of shit.  i like commenting  their posts
                   though :)"

 KB/SDs: "nooo, the winning demo from ms2k-1 is crap, i have to know ;)"

 Unreal/CNCD: "PS:  once I came to #coders,  and it was boring..  I yelled 'you
               can all go to hell!' and right after everybody split :D"

 MM-3o3/Octlabs: "Reading Hugi is not allowed on Mekka"

 Adok/Hugi:     "hi _neon_, what's it like at TG at the moment?"
 neon/spetsnaz: "adok: gamers, gamers, gamers and gamers .)"
 Adok/Hugi:     "_neon_: no sceners? no compos?"
 neon/spetsnaz: "adok: there are  some sceners  here of course..  and the usual
                 compos... but most ppl are just ircing or gaming"
 vipa:          "neon, no shit"
 Adok/Hugi:     "_neon_: i guess sceners are doing that, too"
 neon/spetsnaz: "adok: :)"

 LFO/P303: "Worship  the  potato?  The  idea seemed  silly  to  me.  But then I
            thought,  what  else is more deserving  of worship? It's simple, it
            comes from the earth, and it can kill you if you disobey it."

 Salami/Nothing: "maybe  the  idea  is pervert. but  war  in kosovo is good for
                  industry here.  probably we get a mission pack for falcon 4.0

 Prophet: "you know what they say about men with longs URLs?"

 Adok/Hugi:       "steffo: thanks. will be designed it"
 Steffo/Cryonics: "adok, huh?!?!"
 Adok/Hugi:       "steffo: 'will be' designed it.. 'will be' is his name"
 Steffo/Cryonics: "adok,  wicked  :)  his  name will  spoil  like  ALL  kind of
                   grammars :)"
 Adok/Hugi:       "steffo: some names are a chaos :)"

 ED_Lead is now known as EDna
 dvb/fobia: "the edna from DOTT?:)"
 EDna:      "dvb: hi i am EDna =)"
 Jin:       "dvb: she's fuckable"
 EDna:      "DOTT ?"
 dvb/fobia: "jin, :)"
 Adok/Hugi: "EDna: day of the tentacle"
 Jin:       "edna: day of the tentacle"
 Adok/Hugi: "EDna: maniac mansion 2"
 Jin:       "edna: maniac mansion 2"
 dvb/fobia: "edna, Day Of The Tentacle"
 Adok/Hugi: "Jin_: you rule =)"
 hydron:    "Day of the Testicle"
 Jin:       "adok: ?"
 Jin:       "hydron: !"
 EDna:      "hmm... i am getting popular here hehe"
 dvb/fobia: "hydron, X)"
 Adok/Hugi: "Jin_: you exactly wrote the same as me"
 Jin:       "adok: oh, ;)"

 DarkLite:  "Everybody should be distributed a halogen bulb at birth. It should
             immediately be stuck up the babies rear end,  and if it lights up,
             the child is the god of electricity.  Otherwise, the bulb is to be
             removed and the baby apoligized to profusely. This bulb represents
             the person's life: once it blows out, well, uhh..."
 black_fox: "i see"
 DarkLite:  "hehe..#coders falls slient for a moment"
 dvb/fobia: "DarkLite, you've been drinking too much coffee lately >:)"
 DarkLite:  "dvb: nah.."
 icepick:   "coffee or paint?"
 DarkLite:  "hehehe =)"
 DarkLite:  "just a stupid idea"
 DarkLite:  "wow I've never seen #coders this quiet =)"
 black_fox: "a  voltmeter  works just as welll  to  test the god of electricity
             thing, usually"
 codeman:   "bf,  nah,  get the butterknife and whack  it in the active slot of
             the power point."
 black_fox: "that's a potentiometer i believe"
 black_fox: "codeman: heheh"
 DarkLite:  "black: btw, I didn't make that up"
 codeman:   "bf,  and  that's  the last time  i  respond  to a 'thread' without
             reading  the  first  statement..  i  in  no  way  endorse sticking
             butterknives up baby rectii.."

Sources: #coders, #pixel, #amigascne.

- adok^hugi

"tesko may be the scene's signature gods right now. but not for ever."