Review: The Gathering '99 Intros 64k

Written by mSW

The Gathering '99 releases judgement by mSW. This is my personal view of the files released over there, not caring about the final results at all. The test configuration is as follows:

PII-350Mhz - 64MB
Gravis Ultrasound 1MB - SB64
Diamond Viper 330
UniVBE 6.53

Catch22 By Replay - Operating System: DOS

Well, this is one original intro. You watch the whole play through the eyes of your favourite gadget... the videocam. But instead of watching your neighbours strip you can catch some very nice light effects. The only bad thing is that this is all you get to see, moving lights, and more moving lights, but everything is well synchronized with the spooky music.

[Rating 75%]

ceREAL By S.m.b.d.y. - Operating System: DOS

What to say about this production... First of all I didn't hear any sound. Furthermore, it contains only old-school effects. Things like moving circles. And they even dare to show a torus.

[Rating 45%]

Hardboiled by Soopadoopa - Operating System: DOS

After starting this one it felt like I had seen this before. And yes, again a 'clone vs clone' clone. Still I like the original production from Acme best. But this intro shows some rather nice effects too. Above the all-known moving boxes they placed some triangles exploding and moving on the rhythm of the tune, which itself isn't that catchy but sounds nice.

[Rating 55%]

Public Demand By Purple - Operating System: DOS

This intro simply rocks. Perhaps there are too many tunnels, but all in all the design is very nice. The circle effects are original and very nice to look at. "Public Demand" starts with a blob effect, after which we get sucked into hyperspace (tunnel), then we drop down in a very colorful morphing tube (another tunnel). Now we find ourselves in a bend curve (and again a tunnel) which gets lightnings after a while. Well, just sit down and watch it for yourself.

[Rating 85%]

Ro Bott By Coma - Operating System: DOS

Again a typical Coma-style intro. To my mind all Coma projects have one thing in common. They are weird regarding design and music. This one is of course no exception. The music is very anoying in my ears, and the graphics are really simple. Just 'robots' made out of boxes. But somehow it just grabs your soul to watch the whole thing to the end, and after all it is again a very nice intro to watch.

[Rating 65%]

Evolkcid By Deranged (Norway) - Operating System: Win

Well, this one brought tears to my eyes. Not tears of joy but of pure pain. A stupid hardcore track is used as the music, and everything you see is in orange. There is a torus-like thingy and some moving lines. Several pictures are displayed, and then the terror is over.

[Rating 20%]

- mSW^jLY^sOS