Diskmags Interscenial

Written by Adok

Maggie #27 for Atari ST and Falcon was released in March 1999, more than half a year after the previous issue. Again it contains more than 1 MByte of news, charts, reviews, and general Atari-related articles. It does not have many surprises for people who read Maggie #26 or our review in Hugi #14 though.

The Undercover MagaScene team have still not finished their fifteenth issue. However, someone released a fakemag on April 1st mocking at UCM. Available at http://dhs.atari.org. As it is text-only, PC dudes can read it without any emulator. The content is only interesting for insiders though.

Moondog's latest messages at the Dead Hackers Society bulletin board say that he has resigned as the UCM main editor because he wants to spend more time with his family. The zine will be handed over to a new editing team, whose members are not definite yet.

Also, the last issue of the Toxic Magazine, number 17, is now out. It features a couple of articles in English language. The rest of the mag is in French.

The Amiga magscene was a bit more active. The ninth issue of Seenpoint (CN.), the currently most popular zine on that platform, has been online at http://www.seenpoint.de since March 27th. The editors responsible for the mag are Fishwave and Sane of Scoopex. "The contents are very up2date", Sane told me. "It features an article about a dying Oepir Risti (the mag of Puh) and an uprising Retro. Also an article about the decay of Haujobb, some about new Amigas and even a few on spelling articles." At least CN.#9 was up to date for a while. Then the "uprising" Retro magazine died - because its main editor Soda joined the Seenpoint staff. Unfortunately the articles are encrypted and neither UAE nor Fellow (Amiga emulators for PC) can execute the mag, so you need a decent Amiga to read this state-of-the-art piece of a ScenZine.

The Official EuroChart #37, the leading charts magazine on Amiga, came out at Mekka & Symposium 2k-1. It contains up-to-date scene charts, compiled from 98 votesheets. Also included is a bunch of articles of an okay quality, for example the "Magical Moments" column written by Magic of Nah-kolor. The articles are stored as uncompressed text files, so you can easily read the mag even if you have no Amiga.

Also released at Mekka & Symposium: Jurassic Pack #7, our partner mag, made by Ghandy and Sixpack. It is said to run even on UAE as long as you have a decent Workbench dump, so check it out. Featuring a Special Hugi Corner.

By July 9, when DejaVu II is held in Great Britain, a new Amiga diskmag called Devotion, made by Darkus, Magic, Surfing, and others, should be out.

All Amiga diskmags are available at Aminet (ftp://ftp.aminet.org).

- adok^hugi