Written by Adok

It has lately become habitual for PC diskmags to keep the editorial short. An ubiquitous argument is that the editors do not want to "bore" the readers. Only a few magazines (neither us) admit the real reason: They do not know what to write in the edito.

But actually the purpose of an editorial has been clearly defined by Dominei in Daskmig #6: "This is not the place to describe the mag but to promote one's opinions and feelings." In other words, the editorial is supposed to be a kind of leading article.

Amiga and Atari diskmags know this. So their editorials are usually not only an introduction to their new issues, but also include some recurring phrases about "recently held parties" and "tons of good releases" which prove that "our beloved scene is still alive". This is quite obsolete in a PC diskmag as it is out of question that our scene is alive and breathing. So what?

Frame of C-Lous wrote in issue two of No Sense that he has figured out "it's only editors who read editorials". If that is true, there is no use making an effort to write a good edito. As well, Dominei's appeal that editorial writers should use the "power they have" would be futile: They don't have any power anyway. So, why write an editorial at all? Your leading article would be better placed in the main section of your disk magazine behind an appealing headline.

If you disagree, include some words about this editorial in your feedback to this Hugi issue. At least mention that you have read it.

- adok^hugi