Why doesn't your group release its code?

Written by Rawhed

I really think that demo coders out there should be releasing more of their source. Firstly it would help beginner coders a lot, and I think it would make it easier for coders to get into the scene - especially since these days most people are so ignorant about the scene. I'm a coder myself, and I know that when you've just finished a demo the code generally (well mine anyway) looks very messy and weird. But why not just release the code anyways? I think more people would download a demo if in the file_id.diz it said something like "source included" - and source isn't very big anyway so it would hardly affect the size of the archive. You might find that people that look at your code will comment on it to you and give you ways to possibly improve it. Such collaboration could boost the quality of demos to the next level. Anyway there is one disadvantage of all this source code - rippers/lamers. Yes, what sad people they are, but they do exist. We could possibly get demos made from cutting and pasting routines from great coders like Statix, etc. - but I think they would be found out very quickly and would be flamed so badly that nobody else out there would even dare to rip. Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that I release all my source code, why don't you?

- Rawhed/Sensory Overload