Hugi Raider III - Quest For Life

Written by Magic


In a small, dark room way up north in the center of a small town in Poland a middle aged scener is crying softly; just a few hours ago he received the 17th issue of Hugi from a friend and he eagerly has read trough all the pages for the one article he had been dying to read for over two weeks now. The power company still hadn't regained the power to all the houses in Poland. Luckily, he had a small generator to power his Pentium III and monitor for about thirty minutes and twenty-four seconds.

Two Weeks Earlier...

Life on our cozy planet was evolving as usual, however the President of the United States emerged a live TV broadcasted press conference. Not that the world looks up to this presidental behaviour these days, but the press and certainly a certain Saddam Hussain were really curious.

After the presidental presentation the world was in a shock! Twelve asteroids were going to collide with earth. And this just two days before the world would celebrate the new year 2000. The bad thing was there were just four days left before the impact! What's a new year's eve when people don't know if the human race would prevail only two days later?

Obviously earth doesn't give up that easily and thus a special mission was organized to save all human life on our planet.

Mission: Dessert Fox

America has already assembled the Space Shuttle for a quick lift off, together with twenty Nuclear Missles (tm) and two Nuclear Hyper Bombs (tm). Of course a special team was put together with Adok Croft as the leader. Eight of the twelve asteroids are not bigger than the size of thirty soccer fields, however three of the four remaining have the size of our moon, while the last one - the biggest of the twelve - has the size of 9 billion Ferraris...

The Space Shuttle takes off, with one of its most important missions to date. Reaching the asteroid field, Adok Croft immediately fires six of the eight smaller asteroids out of space. He is now flying towards the three asteroids of equal size, and fires a Nuclear Hyper Bomb (tm) disintegrating the three in a nano-second.

The biggest of the asteroids is a bit tricky. But Adok Croft - with only the survival of the human race and his PC in his mind - flies into a tunnel and reaches the inner circle of the biggest asteroid. He first fires three Nuclear Missles (tm), then he fires his second Nuclear Hyper Bomb (tm) and makes his way out of the asteroid. BLOW! The big asteroid collapses and Adok Croft has almost saved the day!

Independence Day?

The two remaining asteroids are already long gone, but Adok Croft sets in a course to reach them before they hit earth. Adok Croft tries to aim his remaining Nuclear Missles (tm). A nervous feeling floats through Adok Croft's belly. "The Force Is With You," the voice of Obi-Darkness Kenobi is to be heard in Adok Croft's cockpit. Then he fires ... WhooSh!

It's already in the evening when the President of the United States announces to the public that except for the two 'smaller' Asteroids all the others have been destroyed. The two remaining Asteroids will both have a deep impact in Europe. Adok Croft failed to destroy the last two Asteroids! However, his name is forever written down in earth's history books...

Havoc and Chaos within Europe's boundaries...

In a comfortable bunker a somewhat older man with a moustache in a army suit is talking to some of his people when a loud rumbling takes place. A very loud sound is mastering the silent sky. The first Asteroid hits the ground. With the strength of ten Nuclear Bombs (tm) it destroys everything on its way. The people around the table raise their hands and in their final seconds they hail their master. Long live Saddam, Long live Saddam, Long li...

The last asteroid has its impact in the east of Poland, destroying all infrastructure and communication means in the whole country. The bottom half of Poland is almost destroyed for one hundred percent.


After the green light had been given, Lazur, who was recently kicked out of Pulse (PC) and Scoopex (Amiga), just reached his homeland after an exposition at the Louvre in France, and brought the 17th issue of Hugi with him. Lucky for him, he lives in the North of Poland like his friend, known to us as 'the middle aged scener'.

The middle aged scener who got the new Hugi issue from Lazur has just read the results of The Party 1999. His contact with the scene has been 0.0% since the impact of the second asteroid two weeks ago. "Please don't cry, Unreal," Lazur says. "But... but our demo didn't win, CNCD's demo didn't win!" Unreal is whispering in a state of paranomia while tears are rumbling down on his face...

- Magic/Nah-kolor