Music Editorial

Written by Makke

Here we are again with a spanking edition of Hugi's music-section. -*YAIE!!!*- We didn't think we'd be able to keep this little humble section alive, as no one wrote anything for it for a long time. Me included. Why I didn't write? No inspiration, lack of time and laziness in one big bucket. Anyway, thanks a bunch to the ones who actually wrote something in the end. I'll have to do better, I'm ashamed.

One more thing. Anybody feel like writing a tutorial about "vocoder plug-ins" for DirectX? I've been fooling around with Fusion Vocoder in Sound Forge, but I never get anything good. And no matter how cool well-used vocoders are, a badly used vocoder is just pathetic. So please, help me out if you'd like to.

Got any other music-related topic to write/discuss etc? Just write it down and send it to Adok. Also, if you want me to review a music disk/pack of yours, contact me.

- Makke/Hugi/Trebel