Scene News From All Over The World

Edited and Commented by Adok

#CODERS.GER - The leading scene IRC channel of the German-speaking world has finally got its own domain and a decent web-site, made by Bitblazer. The graphics come from Fashion of Smash Designs, a female scener. The site contains a channel member list, a guestbook-like forum, links to coding and demoscene related web-pages and weekly updated, funny and extensive channel statistics, made with Ave's "mIRCStats" utility.

#DEMOFR - also got a web-site, located at Unfortunately it's all in French.

#POLISHSCENE - The channel homepage is under construction. Webmaster is the well-known graphician Rappid of Suspend. It will include information on the channel, a so-called "Hyde Park" section, a userlist with nicknames, real names, dates of births, functions, telephone numbers, and email addresses, photos, pictures, channel statistics created with "chanstats 1.3", links, and a guestbook for sceners' gossip. Parts of the site will be in English language.

#SWEDESCENE - The web-site has returned. It is maintained by altemark of Spantobi. English language, lots of texts in an eccentric writing style. Including an introduction to the demoscene, a list of Swedish sceners active on that IRC channel (67 in total) with extensive personal information, a collection of logs and of course links.

ACTION - This small Amiga group of the eighties published their memories at It died in 1992/1993. One of their most famous members was the graphician Peachy, who was a member of Haujobb until 1998. The technically excellent site, which makes a vast use of Javascript and background music, features all information on the history of Action and its members, the groups' productions, photos, logos, greetings, selected links and introductions of several other Amiga groups of importance.

ACTIVEFUEL - This Portuguese group is dead because their graphician DARKflare was proven to be a ripper. He had copied work from DaVinci of ICE, submitted parts of it to the Hugi Logo Competition and used other parts in the ActiveFuel homepage without the other members' knowledge. As a consequence, Programmed, the leader of ActiveFuel, decided to stop his group. He later created a new crew with several other former ActiveFuel members. Read more about this case in "Ripped Graphics in Hugi #14: The True Story" in this Hugi issue. [Psychic Symphony/Evolve]

A.D.E.T. - are still working on their English-language diskmag "Amber". It is said to be released at Rush Hours '99 in the end of May. Their web-site is mirrored at Gardner, the webmaster, lately stated he was about to leave the crew because of a misunderstanding between him and the main editor of the Amber diskmag, Dj Regal. [Misha/Tatanka, Gardner/Merge]

AION - Two demos, "Sexuality" and "Schizophrenia", are coming soon. "Vincent i Maro" is out. Shredder (code) and Kazun (msx) joined. Pixelers and coders are searched for. To join, write to [Mati/Aion]

AMABLE - Rumours claim that someone who isn't member of this group suggested to rename Amable to "Aimable", which means "lovely" in French, because of a love affair a member of Amable is involved in.

AMBIENCE (Party) - It is now possible to order your own Ambience 99 CD-ROM including all the party releases, pictures, movies, reports, etc. at their official web-site: []

ASTRAL - Shaman (musician and ascii artist), Inferno (gfx) and Robson (code) left. Inferno first joined Rhyme, but finally, he and Robson got to Exceed. Gekko (code), Wad (keyframe) and Beatmaster (music) joined from CLS, which is now dead. [d-lee/Exceed/Haujobb]

ASTROIDEA - Several people left, including mrz, Reptile, and TSC! Only two members remained in Astroidea: Reptile (msx/code) and Melan (org/design). It seems as if this old Hungarian group is going to die! The web-site, however, still exists: [demojournal]

AVALON DESIGN - is a new group formed by some dudes from various old Danish Amiga groups (Kefrens, Flash Prodctions and Amaze). The members are: Enzymer (code/gfx), Commando (music), Viper (gfx) and Merlin (code). Be on the lookout for their first PC demo at Summer Encounter or Assembly this year. The homepage will be ready in about a month. [Enzymer/Avalon]

BJORN LYNNE (Musician) - The musician formerly known as Dr. Awesome released two new CD albums, "Wolves of the Gods" and "Isms". The Divinorum web-site has moved to [Bjorn Lynne]

BLACK MAIDEN (Germany) - Beam #2 is the "last real issue" of the art mag. Beam #3 is just a text file containing the reasons why the mag was stopped. Furthermore, BM's anniversary Book #20 is going to be released in May or June, and Gomorrah joined in as a Hires-artist at the Ambience party. [Poti/Black Maiden]

BYTERAPERS - celebrated their 12.5 years birthday party, which was "a bloody great and enjoyable event", as Grendel puts it. They had around 40-50 invited guests in a vip lounge/sauna/swimming pool place through a hot weekend and everybody seemed to have just great time. There will be photos and a report on their wwwpage ( On other front, they are doing new demostuff and have got something "real neat, IMHO real great" stuff coming but the best one has hit unexpected trouble since first the designer got into way bad alcohol addiction and after getting out of it his computer broke so he has not been able to do the demo. Other projects are going well though. [Grendel/Byterapers, Inc.]

CALODOX - won the 64k-intro competition at the Arf!Party '99. The final version of this intro, "Bring it back", was released at the end of April and is available at in the ARF99 directory. The web-site has moved to A revolutionary production has been announced for Asm'99 - let's wait and see if it will really be so cool or if it is just a false promise! Also, they are working on a demo for Takeover '99 together with the guys from Orange Juice, which will be "a demo with lot of design", as Dake announces. [Rodex/Calodox, Dake/Calodox, demojournal]

CENTOLOS - are working on a new Spanish diskmag together with Dosis, for which most stuff is already done and which will be released in about a month. [Wavemaker/Centolos]

CNCD - According to Unreal, Vention is working on a demo. [Unreal/CNCD]

COCOON & SYNDROME - The final version of the winner of the ARF party, ShadII, is now available at There you can also find several screenshots as an "ap‚ritif" to make your downloading time more agreeable.

COMIC PIRATES - Makke left after about a year of membership because he needed a change to get new inspiration. Accordingly, his e-mail address changed to He is now looking for a new group, preferably a Swedish one. For a similar reason, Trid left the group, too. Meanwhile, the maintainers of Comic Pirates' Acorn, Amiga, Atari, C64 and PC scene news site Network ( are concerned that it might develop to a pure PC site. [Makke/Hugi/Trebel]

CONTRACT - Kvazar (msx) joined the group. [d-lee/Exceed/Rhyme]

CREST (Demo Lover) - The URL of his web-site changed since he passed his old domain to the famous C64-group Crest in order to contribute to sustaining the scene spirit.

DANCE - released their DirectSound MP3 library "dancemp3" with its full source code. [xcene/dance]

DEFECT - Misha left. [Misha/Tatanka]

DEMO.CAT.HU (Scene Archive) - is getting a web-interface made by members of Rhyme. A preview can be found at:

DERANGED (Germany) - released their first music disc called "i" on May 1st. It features songs by tristan of deranged and Black Widow of KNIGHTS. Unlike most recently released music discs, this one has an interface, which was coded by Wolle. New URL: [Beryl/Deranged]

DESIRE (Germany) - Cardiac got a new homepage. [#coders.ger news]

DESIRE (Netherlands) - are coming back with new members. They were formerly active on Amiga. [Trebel]

DIFFUSION - Roller was kicked. Reptile left. A good graphician for handmade pictures is searched for. Contact if you are interested in joining! [Echo/Diffusion/Level-D]

EQUINOX - opened their new web-site. You can find an Atari ST demo there which was started in 1992 and finished in 1999 after a long break. It's called "The Virtual Escape". This is something nostalgic people should go for! Just browse to []

EUTHANASIA - is dead. Rimo (code) stopped all his scene activities. Kvazar (msx) left for Contract. [d-lee/Exceed/Haujobb]

EVOLVE - Bam joined. Other members: Shock, Nephoo, Will Be, Idiotboy, Psychic Symphony. Psychic's e-mail addresses changed back to [Psychic Symphony/Evolve]

EXACT - The group which created the 4k intro "Outline" has split up. Trueman joined Chrome. He is a coder. Murphy, who is also a coder, first joined Rhyme, then moved to Mandula. [d-lee/Exceed/Haujobb]

EXCEED - The leading Hungarian demogroup of 1998 was already declared almost dead by its organizer d-lee two months ago. They wanted to create a final demo called "Berlin" and then part. Now it seems as if d-lee has changed his mind! He has recently accepted Picard, who also works for Rhyme and is one of the best 3D engine coders in this country, as a new member. Future will tell us what this new strength will result in. [demojournal]

FLEUR (Diskmag) - Issue 3 will be released only a few days after this Hugi issue. The new main editor is d-lee of Exceed and Haujobb. Szum is no longer part of the staff.

FLOW - Gardner, editor of "Merge", left. [demojournal]

FMOD (Sound Library) - Several new versions were released. The latest one is v2.18, now with preverb/noise reducation. Get it at

FOOD - are going to release a music disk called "expozed" sometime this year for which they made an infotro, running in Win32.

FREQUENCY - is a new group, born out of ActiveFuel. Members are Programmed, Psychic Symphony, muad'dib and Delirium. [Psychic Symphony/Evolve]

FRIDGE - is a reunification of a formerly known scene label which was active using the name 'shock records' back in the years. After the project stopped in 1997, they rejoined forces. Today, they are all proud to present the first steps of getting a reliable music label that comes up with a wide rage of electronic music styles to be released, and most important, having a non-profitable vision in mind. PV from Israel joined the crew in March. Also, they are still searching for some bulletin boards who want to support them and distribute their releases. [Storm/Fridge]

FROZAK - got a new home at and released the Java demo "dwarfs R nice" v1.02. [, demojournal]

GFXZONE (Scene Site) - got online again, after the old server had been down for several months due to an attack by hackers. The huge gfx-related site has now got its own domain: []

GODS - A PC-intro called "Olympe 2" was released in the middle of October to promote the official homepage at The Finnish sysop Obligator joined in (as a doublemember of DCS) but due to some hardware problems his demo-related BBS "Filadelfia" is offline again. Their Windows '98 demonstation "Incoming Future" was placed first at The Party 1998. Zerox is working on an email based magazine with 2-3 articles, some interviews, news and adverts in each issue. If you want to be included in his mailinglist, get in touch with him at or The rather unknown French scener Soni joined in as a combined 3d-artist and musician. He directed "Incoming Future" together with Liszt and Odin. A PC game is planned to be created in late 1999, but the whole demo factory of Gods will possibly get a contract with a big game company to join them as a team. Scenet #28 (e-mail/WWW/FTP directory) is out. [Ghandy/Darkage/Faith/Gods/Chemical Reaction]

GROTESQUE - have redesigned their web-site located at []

HEADCRASH - plan to release a demo at the Assembly this summer and are badly needing a graphician. Contact N.r.t.h. at

HUGI - The successful diskmag crew released a new issue of their famous magazine. As always, you can get it at, in case you aren't reading it right now. Furthermore, Hugi Size Coding Competition #7 has started. Your task is to create the smallest possible program that displays a given image in screen mode 13h. The rules are available at Finally, Zippy has left because he did not have enough time to contribute to the mag and found it awkward to be in the team nevertheless. He now concentrates on his group "The Digital Philosphers" and his hobby as a DJ.

IMAGE (Germany) - opened their new web-site at Moses joined as a PC coder. He is also a member of Pyorrhoea. The fourth issue of the German-language diskmag "Image", featuring a new interface and 735 kbyte of articles, was released on April 25th.

IMAGO - The Brazilian group organized a demo competition together with PTNet #coders (Portugal), held on the net.

INFERIORS - won The Gathering 1999 with their demo "Yume 2000", the sequel to "Yume 2" from The Party 1998. The final version was made available at the end of April and is located in's TG99 directory. [demojournal]

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS - Love at the first glance. Is another scenish wedding going to take place? This time it is a German scener and a Hungarian sceneress who seem to have found out that they perfectly fit together.

JECOUTE - is a new music group that creates tracked jazz sound. Their web-site is at []

KNIGHTS - released a Direct3D demo/screensaver called "rub-K" that uses 3D cards to show 2D effects. Music is by Rez/Eclipse. []

KOLOR - Franky joined. The first result of this new member is "void 3", the winner 4k-intro of Mekka & Symposium 2k-1, for which he did the sound code. However, he did not stay in Kolor for long. Storm of Fridge claims Franky got kicked out. In fact Franky left Kolor on his own because Storm had joined it. The two of them have a very bad relationship. After Franky's resign, the remaining members are Black Axe, Fontex, Kritix, Lord Chaos, Noize, Raytrayza, Shiva, Siriuz, Storm, and Trojan. [Franky/Ex-Kolor, Storm/Fridge/Kolor]

KOMPLEX - got a domain of their own, so that their web-site is now much easier to find. []

LIQUID - is a new group. [RocketMag/Liquid]

MAH MUSIC - is dead, but the old releases are still available at their site ( []

MAJIC 12 - might return to the scene and release a music disk as well as an intro soon. []

MANDULA - released the 18th revision of The Quasi-Official List of Demo Hidden Parts, Keys, and Tricks, which was originally created by Phoenix/Hornet and is now maintained by rod/Mandula. The list will also be published in Fleur #3. For those who can't wait any longer: []

MEKKA (Party) - Photos are available at, at the Neithernor party server (located at, and the official Faith web-site ( [Bad Peon/Underground Empire, Ghandy/Darkage/Faith/Gods/CR, e605/sdi]

MELCOM (Musician) - is working on his music disk "Dark Troopers", which is 85% finished at the moment. [melcom]

MERGE - Three Polish-language diskmags (Miracle, Crush, and Acid) joined forces. The new zine will be called "Merge" and will probably be released in July. By the way, the editor Gardner is currently member of the groups Anakata, Storm Riders, Merge, Utopia Staff, and A.D.E.T. Quite a busy man, huh? [Gardner/Merge]

MO'PLAYAZ - is a pretty new d&b/jungle/sci-fi jazz/dub/trip-hiphop music label formed by the founders of Level-D (tEiS and lord chaos). Their web-site can be found at [Storm/Fridge/Kolor]

NAH-KOLOR - plan to release a "legendary" demo at Asm'99. [Magic/Nah-kolor]

NEITHERNOR (Party) - Neithernor '99 was cancelled.

NEXTEMPIRE - will be present at Asm'99 and release a 64k-intro. Still more asm coders, graphicians, musicians, spreaders, and a webhost are looked for. If you are interested in joining, leave a mail at The groups claims that it will pay all travel costs to demoparties for their members and create a free email address ( for them. Their homepage is currently located at but will probably move to some day. []

NOICE - FloOd opened his art gallery which contains both analog and digital art of his. []

NOLOGIC - Q-Fladen changed his handle to [C]lef and has changed his skill from coder to musician. [[C]lef/NoLogic]

NOOON - Moby/NoOoN/Sanity's band is going to release their first CD, featuring guitar tracks. []


NOTHING - Misha left. [Misha/Tatanka]

NUMB - got third in the Mekka 99 64k-intro compo. A web-site was opened at For now please use Coctail's old e-mail address, which is, as is bugging. [Coctail/NUMB]

OUTLAW TRIAD - This famous Dutch group, well-known for their coding tutorials, is looking for new coders to join them. They are working on a game project but also want to release new demos and intros. []

PAIN (Diskmag) - Web-site moved to

PARDEYPICS - Photos from Hungarian parties such as Contest '99, Jumper '98, Cache '98, Antiq '98 and Scenest-Rage '98 are available for free at the site [d-lee/Exceed/Haujobb]

PHYMOSYS - Some new coding tutorials are online at Dario Phong's redesigned homepage, located at [Dario Phong/PhyMosys]

PROCREATION - The demo "Mind Control" was placed first at Analogue '99. Luk's music disk "Cave of Emotions" is finally available. Current member status: Astharoth - code (Spain), JDC - code (Germany), Luk - music (Poland), Orome - gfx (Norway), Payda - code (Poland), REM - code (Poland), Scape - gfx (Slovak Republic), Simon King - ansi/ascii/sysop (Poland), Weed - music (Poland), X-Man - gfx (France), Toudi - 3d-gfx (Poland). [REM/Procreation]

PROMETHEUS TRUECOLOR (Graphics Library) - OpenPTC 1.0 was released. Also, Dan Brown released version 1.1 of his image handling library for PTC, Titan., []

QUAD - The Quad homepage was a site that most sceners visited a couple of times per month to read some news about the global and the Dutch demoscene. Since the Dutch demoscene site Overflow got temporarily closed the forum of Quad has got a lot of messages from Dutch sceners. A little problem occured at the beginning of the year: the URL got outdated and Skin, organiser, started looking for an alternative URL. Since April 14 Quad has got a new url: Quad is the first demoscene group to have an .NL domain! Visit it for the latest news/releases, a nice photo gallery and of course global scene news. [Skin/Quad/Trebel]

RECTUM CAUDA - Rumours say that rECTUM cAUDA stavanger section has returned! There has been gossip about a sand 4 encore remix. No more information is available at the moment. [xcene/dance]

REPLAY - released Shine #4 and plan to finish Shine #5 in June. This time it will include serious charts and articles again. Also new: demos and intros made for TG99. [baloo/replay]

RHYME - Although the group has lately found several new members, it can be considered dead as each of them joined another group afterwards. Xtro (gfx) changed his nick to FILLER and joined Mandula together with Murphy (code, former member of Exact). [d-lee/Exceed/Haujobb]

RIOT - was opened. It is to host pages that are related to any computer-scene in Austria. At the moment we can find Riot's web-site, some stuff about hacking and a link to the Austrian Quake community homepage there. Franky left for Kolor. [Franky/Ex-Kolor]

ROLE - Dreamdancer was kicked from ROLE as well as from his C64 groups Excess and Panic. [Arman/Xenon/Role]

SATORI - Zden and Loonie have started this new group. They hope to get more and more people into it, basing it more on freelancing/cooperations than a ordinary group (if any group can be called "ordinary"). Loonie hopes that their first demo will be released at Asm'99. [Loonie/Satori]

SCENE.ORG (Scene Archive) - New service: They are going to broadcast music. See details at

SPANTOBI - The absurdly strange entity known as altemark joined spantobi as a musician and all-around revolutionary political guru. []

STATIX (Coder) - released the complete source code for his Bleam demo, which won the Assembly '98 Windows demo compo! You can get it from his website: [ukscene mailinglist]

STYLE - is a new music group/label, composed of Delusion, Ducks, Phace, and Avalanche. [Avalanche/Trinity/Style]

SUCCESS - announced their comeback and put up an almost empty hompage at, which slightly reminds of the recent news about Future Crew's return. [demojournal]

SUKKAZ - Stopped working on their planned German mag n$ane. [snifFA/sukKAZ]

SUPERSTITION - Magicboy, former member of this group, the local heroes of the Dutch scene, changed his handle to Lexure. [demojournal]

SUSPECT DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL - An old problem, namely lack of time, made Neithernor main organiser e605 cancel the event this year again after NN98 was not held because of problems finding a party place., however, is still open and hosts the web-sites of several groups.

SUSPEND - The demo "Robomatiks" won the first place at the Astrosyn2 Party. Drawer, Motzel and Toaster were kicked due to inactivity. Future plans include a 64k-intro, a 4k-intro, a Win32 demo (all by Pointman) and a standard demo (by Lett). Current members: Carson - trade/org, Flow - gfx, Insect - asc/swap, Lett - code, Pointman - code/co-org, Raiden - msx, Rappid - gfx/ftp/www/ co-org, Rav - msx/3d-gfx, Soulless - 3d-gfx, Yasi - 3d-gfx. Suspend web-site: [Rappid/Suspend]

TAKEOVER (Party) - For all active writers of articles for diskmag and scene sites: TakeOver '99 has a special compo for you, the article compo. Write an article and win a free entrance or t-shirt of TakeOver. For more info check Also available: a Win32 invitro. [Skin/Quad/Trebel]

TATANKA - Dj Regal joined. [Misha/Tatanka]

TEKLORDS - Entropy, ryg, red, and magnetic, regulars on #kotraum, have joined. All except the last one, who is a musician, are coders. Entropy also makes music. [red/Teklords]

TESKO - released an ansi version of their joke demo "Two Blokes And An Armchair", equally loved and hated by many sceners. This is probably the last production of this British group. Read more in Majic Mushroom's article in this Hugi issue. Also, someone, probably from the United Kingdom, has released a Nintendo 64 Remix of "Two Blokes And An Armchair" under the Tesko label without the group's permission.

THERALITE - Salice, former coder of Kolor, is working on his second guest release for Theralite as a musician. He might join the group later. [Salice]

TPOLM - gave to the scene, apart from several party releases, a new production on March 1st celebrating fthr's birthday, cloudcity's birthday and the new sq EP. [distance/tpolm/orange]

TRAUMA - The Text Mode Demo Archive is now online at []

TREBEL - Still never heard of Trebel? You must be blind! Trebel is a new scene archive. As all scene projects it got delayed, not just a delay of a month but a delay of several months. All the Trebel guys have been busy with other stuff (real life) and other scene related projects/groups but now they are back on the track! All members are working hard to get the archive (most important is the search engine) online! Latest news about Trebel is the webpages (not available to the public yet), an agreement for a German mirror and a small mirror in France. But of course we need more mirrors, the next countries with a mirror will be Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Russia and the UK. If you have contact with major ISPs or universities then please contact Skin at Another project will be the Trebel Archive CDs. These CDs will be a part of the Trebel archive. The latest demos, intros, gfx and music will be available on a double CD (uncompressed so ready to go!). And the most populair/best Wild compo entries (video films) will be put on the second CD as an mpeg. To keep your archive up-to-date this CD will be released every four or six months. More info/ideas can be mailed to General requests and comments are welcome at [Skin/Quad/Trebel]

TRINITY - gains three new members: Morph (gfx), Togooz (code), and Luminos (design). [Avalanche/Trinity/Style]

TUHB - plan to release another TUHBzine issue and then start their big combined online-/disk-based magazine project together with the Overflow team, who are also responsible for the great Takeover e-zine. Silence joined in as a musician. [The Watcher/TUHB, demojournal]

TWILIGHT - Wire joined in as a coder. [Wire/Twilight]

TWO HEADED SQUIRREL (Online Magazine) - This pretty new but decent demo review site has moved.

UNIVERSE - Armor of Gods #5 (diskmag) has been delayed but is still promised to be released soon. A new Funtro (number three) was released. Programmer also coded the intro of the fourth issue of the Russian diskmag "Evil". The web-site has moved to [Programmer/UniVerse]

WIRE MANIACS - are looking for a pixeler whom they need for a release they are working on. If you are interested in helping contact []

- adok^hugi