Linux Article Addendum

Written by Paranoid

Hi guys... A few of you will remember an article I wrote in Hugi #13 entitled "Linux Sux". Indeed a few of you even e-mailed me regarding how much of a lame-ass I am etc... So, to clarify the situation, and to answer for my article - here's a few words of explanation.

When I was criticising Linux, I fully admit that my knowlege of Linux was not extensive. I was referring to Linux in terms of early command-line versions which I believed and still believe are unnecessarily complicated and long-winded compared to the GUI of Windows. I haven't really checked out the GUI versions of Linux - but I knew they existed at the time. Since I didn't check them out, I didn't mention them in the articles. Adok pointed out to me that there were GUI versions of Linux available - which I knew but didn't include in the article for the aforementioned reason - and I asked him to point this out in the article. I felt that it would save him and me from getting e-mails from millions of you saying "but there are GUI versions of Linux too!". I also admit that the article was not written by someone who knew every technical detail of the Linux OS, and who had bothered to check out every version released - after all, I was writing an article in which I was stating my opinion - and my opinion only. I am not God. Every word I write in an article is not the Gospel truth - it's just what I think, my own opinion of which I am entitled to have, and of which I stand by (with the exception of the errors I have already pointed out).

The thing is, Adok has told me that some of you guys were talking about this on IRC and I think it's blown out of proportion. When I write a light-hearted article - expressing my own opinion in a relaxed forum, many of you guys jump down my throat straight away. For Christ's sake, it was just an article in a mag. What, is Linux an infallible and sacred thing which cannot be criticised by anyone? The correct way to respond to an article you disagree with in a mag is to write an article, stating in a civilised manner, why you BELIEVE the article is wrong. You don't go writing me mails calling me a lamer - because if you knew anything at all you would know that the biggest lamer would be you. I've been on the scene for a long time, I've proven myself on the scene already, I don't expect to be called a lamer because of something I said in a fucking article written for my favourite mag.

I write articles to help out Adok with Hugi, because I enjoy reading Hugi. I don't expect people to agree with my articles, but that's just how I feel about things. It's me, being honest, truthful and speaking my mind in a public forum. Do I have to watch every word I write? It wouldn't be much fun writing articles if that was the case would it? If you want to criticise my articles, write a reply article - that's fair enough. But remember that opinions can often clash, and when that happens you can react in either a civilised or uncivilised manner. For example, Serun's article in Hugi #14 was the right way to respond to "Linux Sux". In fairness some of you who mailed me were civilised enough - and I replied to you. But why should things like this be taken so seriously? Are Linux users brainwashed by the OS? Maybe a subliminal screen falshing in the background, forcing you to worship at the altar of Linux. Maybe Microsoft already did this... hmmm... I don't know, I don't think I'm a brainwashed Windows user at all - but Bill Gates would make an excellent King of the World. I just think it's better than Linux (oh dear - here we go again!). I can still see the many flaws in Windows though. If you read my article about the future of OS you'll see the kind of thing I'm talking about, and the way I think things should go.

So... I'm admitting my article may not have been as well informed as it should have been, was a little harsh, and maybe because of that I shouldn't have written it... But I still stand by my belief that Windows is a better way forward than Linux. (If you mail me again about this... ).

In summing up, I'd have to say that I like children and sunny days and all those things. Hey, I am a nice guy (someone even called me that once). Occassionally I'll even buy a beer for someone (only if it's their birthday and Christmas day too - on leap years). But I don't like Linux. Am I such a bastard after all? Nah, I knew this would happen anyways, but some of the things said suprised even me. Wait for my next article - "Weekends Suck Ass"...... :)

- Paranoid