The E-Mag Network - Introduction

Written by Adok

This diskmag is part of The E-Mag Network. You may be asking what this is. This article is supposed to explain it to you.

The E-Mag Network (TEN for short), was founded by Programmer/UniVerse in May 1998. At that time, there were not many active international diskmags in the PC scene. However, local ones existed in several countries such as Poland, Hungary, Russia, or Germany. The purpose of TEN was to unite the editors of as many mags as possible in a mailing-list. They should get to know each other, exchange hints and swap articles - translated from their local language to English - so that other mags could publish them too. In this way, the mags should be helped to grow faster.

Today, TEN is mainly a mailinglist for diskmag editors to chat and exchange hints as well as news. Sometimes also articles are exchanged, but that seldom happens nowadays because the mag editors have realized that it does not make much sense to have the same articles in each mag.

At the moment the following diskmags are part of the TEN project: Armor of Gods, Hugi, Pain, CFX News, Total Disaster (which has lately joined the AMBER magazine), Restless (which is inactive at the moment, and whose editors write for Hugi). As well, Darkness/Imphobia is subscribed to the mailinglist as an advisor.

Each magazine is represented in TEN by one or two of its editors. For Hugi, this is me, Adok.

Furthermore, we at TEN are planning to work on a new project together. Sorry, but we will not reveal any more here. Just wait a few months.

- adok^hugi