How To Get Active For Hugi

Written by Adok

The next few paragraphs introduce some ways how you can support Hugi. Since Hugi is freeware, created on an idealistic basis and we earn no money, we cannot pay you for your support, of course. All we can give you is honour, pride and respect. Of course you will be mentioned in the credits.


Everyone can swap. You don't need to have any special qualities for that purpose. Just copy Hugi to a disk and give it away to your friends and contacts! You can also publish Hugi on CDs, upload it to BBSes, FTP-sites etc.


Hugi depends on the feedback of its readers. Send us your opinion about the mag in general and/or the articles.


Fresh news is always needed. Use the chance to advertise for you, your group or your projects!


If you are very good at English and maybe even a native English speaker, we can send you articles from the upcoming Hugi issue. You will then read through them, correct any grammar, spelling, syntax or expression mistakes you spot, and send the articles back to us. This is called proofreading. For a native speaker, it does not take much time, and it is very helpful for us.


Articles are, of course, the most important thing for a diskmag. We are especially looking for articles about the scene in general, coding, maths, music, graphics, reviews, interviews, party reports, poetry and politics, but other topics are welcome as well. Just think what might be interesting for the other readers. The language of your article can be either English or German. English is preferred. The most interesting German articles will be translated into English. Check the individual article sections in this Hugi issue for getting an overview of interesting topics.


We need three pictures for every issue: a title picture, a background picture, and a closing picture. The title and the closing pictures must have the resolution 640x480 with 256 colours. No restrictions. If you want to draw a background picture, contact Adok for further information.


Your tune can be XM, S3M or MOD. XM is recommended. The size should not exceed 500 kbytes. No other restrictions.


If you want to code an intro for Hugi, talk to Adok first.

Send all contributions and questions to Adok:

Claus-Dieter Volko
Hungereckstr. 60/2
A-1230 Wien

Thanks in advance!