Peace and Love - The World Scene Against Hated And War

Written by Adok

The recent genocide in Kosovo shocked the world. Nobody had thought something like this would be possible in the heart of Europe at the end of the 20th century. This and several similar happenings made the Israeli musician and ascii-artist CoaXCable of Winter in July start his "Peace And Love" project.

"The situation in Europe and the world is too lousy as you can see, many wars, killing, and stuff", CoaXCable states. "As Nostradamus said", he continues, "at the beginning of the 21st century, there are going to be many wars and killings. We want to try to make people aware of it in the next few years and show them how bad that is".

The result of the P.A.L. project is supposed to be a virtual gallery featuring demos, intros, graphics, music, ansi, ascii, and texts about and against war. "Sceners and computer freaks love watching good demos, looking at good gfx and listening to good music that was written for a special reason", the all-round scener thinks. That is why he is of the opinion his political ideas can be best conveyed by digital art.

Zevik alias CoaXCable has started building a web-site on which the work shall be placed. He is looking for sceners from all over the world to contribute to the project.

Contact him at or

- adok^hugi