Tesko, 1993-1999

Written by Majic Mushroom

Well, it had to happen at some time, and now the time moves closer.... Tesko is shutting shop after Deja Vu 2 in July this year. I personally cannot run the group any longer. There is simply no more time, or effort I can put into the group to make it any better. I have devoted many years to Tesko, and its previous incarnations spanning almost 8 years. I was even supporting the groups under another name whilst I was active under my own handle in other groups, until I joined Tesko under my own name in 1995.

However, the time has come to call it a day. I have put everything into the group, and there is nothing more I can physically do to make the group better. Some of the members have only been in for a year, and I feel sorry that they will be groupless after such a short time, however, I have been involved in the demo scene since December 1989, and to me, that is a fucking long time to spend on a hobby.

A couple of Tesko's original members have only just left, one last year and one just recently. There are however, two original Tesko members still in the group, myself and Lone Swordsman. Again, it's a long time to spend doing the same thing, and these original Tesko members were all also part of the previous groups:

Oct 1991 - Feb 1993 "Doom"
Feb 1993 - Oct 1993 "Voodoo Design"
Oct 1993 - Jul 1999 "Tesko"

We like October.

Anyway, Tesko (and the others) had always been local groups, and over the last three years we have slowly progressed to a national group. Unfortunately, this has also meant that the group became a lot harder to manage.

I have had quite a stress in the last 12 months to keep Tesko producing. Some of the members thought that because they were in Tesko, they had made it to the top of the scene and didn't have to produce anything. It has been quite hard to show these people that a group has to keep producing in maintain its respect, sadly, there has been minimal Tesko releases in the last year.

And now, the time has come to call it a day. I have become involved in a group on the Gameboy and have found renewed life and fun in the scene. I'm enjoying not being the organiser, trying to get people busy, that's someone else's problem this time.

I'm certainly not quitting the scene, far from it. I am almost in my 10th year as a scener, and I certainly want to make it to that, it's only Tesko that is shutting down.

Anyway, the real reason that Tesko is closing down, is that it is not Y2K compilant, and if we continue into the new millenium, god only knows what might happen, so I took the decision to save the scene, and the entire planet earth by closing down!

Well, see you all around as usual!

- Majic Mushroom / Tesko