Flaming Me Softly

Written by Makke

I've noticed that people ain't really that good at flaming each other. It mostly ends up in a sea of "fuck you"'s and "you're a moron, moron!". This is however not acceptable. If you've worked hard to try to get people upset with something you've written, you'll get pretty disappointed when somebody writes to you:

"You're so fucking stupid, how could you write that yadda-yadda blah-blah is bad?! You're a loser. Fuck you. You're stupid. Fuck you." Et cetera.

When you like to upset people you want a serious amount of well founded statements from the person who flames you. Something you actually have to think about, and maybe consider changing your point of view. Here's a list of things you should think about when you're flaming somebody (the "moron" is the one who has made the statement and "you" are the one who's going to flame the "moron"):

1. Read the moron's statement several times. You want to make sure you've understood everything correctly, and not getting into some slopp-flaming.

2. Think at least TWO minutes about what you're going to write in your flaming. To get the moron's attention you'll need to say something stunning. Something the moron did not expect.

3. Remember that it isn't the moron you hate. It's the statement the moron made you hate. This way you'll spare the moron from your personal aggressions against him. You don't want to base your system of believes on the fact that the moron is an idiot. Because basically, that's idiotic.

4. Always remember what you write, and make sure this is what you stand for. It's rather embarrassing if you discover that the moron was actually right after a few turns, because then the joke is on you. And it's your ass that gets flamed, instead of the moron's.

5. Stick to the facts. Don't bring things in the discussion that actually don't belong to it.

6. Be honest to yourself, and if you should discover that the moron was right after all, admit it. Don't continue to flame on gas you don't really have.

There you go. Now, go ahead and test flame me. Here's a controversial statement that you can flame me for:

Pedophiles should be able to open their own orphan, if they like to.

Flame away!

- Makke/Hugi/Trebel