What About The Dutch Scene?

Written by Skin

For a long time the Dutch scene had used Overflow (http://overflow.hro.nl) as their site for news exchange and discussing on the forum. Out of the blue the site got closed!

At the beginning of 1999 the maintainers of Overflow had announced a new look to the Overflow site. Some previews of Overflow 5.0 had been made. The Dutch scene had liked it although they had never asked for a new layout. After a couple of months, however, they got curious as to when this new layout would be finished. As all scene projects, it had got delayed. But then, one day in April 1999, the site suddenly closed. A little note said that the maintainers didn't have the time to maintain the new Overflow 5.0 so the oldest Dutch scene site went down.

Many Dutch sceners and posters on the Overflow forum were surprised and didn't understand this weird action, however life goes on and so we searched for a new forum. The activity on the Quad98.net (now quad.nl) forum increased and also the forum at http://www.takeover.nl got more visitors and postings. People got ideas for making a replacement of Overflow, some guys from TUHB, Quad and Aardbei (the most active Dutch demogroups at the moment) announced a site with even more contents than just some news and forum-chit-chat. Quad got their new domain, http://www.quad.nl, so they could use quad98.net for other activities.

But on the day I was writing the newsflash about the end of Overflow the page got back online! The webdesigner (Trigon) dumped the Overflow 5.0 testpages and started on a new design. The beta pages of the new Overflow 6.0 site are available at http://nl.scene.org. Rumours say that Overflow wants to become a Dutch scene portal with the success of the Overflow forum and newsflashes combined with the huge scene archive at ftp://acid2.stack.nl. Let's hope this new design will be finished and the site will stay open because it was the real place to be in order to exchange ideas or start a creative flame war.

- Skin/Quad/Trebel