It happened in Lyon...


April 16

First day. I went to TCR's appartment to take his computer and stuff because he was supposed to show up at the party later. In fact this lucky guy had found a job there, in Lyon, as a developer for Sega. He's coding and testing games for the new Dreamcast video game console.

Well, we are about 250 people at the party, there is a nice atmosphere (the organizers didn't wait 24 hours to talk to us and they seem to enjoy the party!), but ... but ... where is the big screen?

Let's hope it's just a question of time, as a demo party without a big screen is not a demo party.

We're in a gym, with a delicate floor: if some coke falls on it, it will burn it forever! Still, the place is big enough.

There's also a great guest-star at the party, a BAT! Poor animal lost in this world of technology.

April 17

I don't know what happened to this bat, but who cares anyway? It's now the second day of the party. The organizers are still looking for a big screen since their sponsors left them at the last minute. Let's hope they will find one. Despite the small size of the coffee cups and the high food prices, the event is really fun!

At least, we worked a bit on Greuh!'s demo together with TCR, by doing some lens-flares and design. If some of you owns an Amiga with a PowerPC processing unit, you should wait for it. The gfx from Falken are original, the code is great, and the music too. Well, it should be one of the greatest demo on this machine (and not because Greuh! are some friends of mine... hum, maybe a bit, though you will see by yourselves).

Waiting for the deadlines (the first one is for the mod-compo) and for the big screen first!

Finally, we had our first compo (this one did not require a screen) this afternoon! A nice yoghurt eating compo, with your hands at your back and gulping down. Of course the winner's price was a pack of this same yoghurts.

We then went out to buy some wine, to drink in order to stay awake! And when we returned, the organizers were setting up a big screen with some papers that were lying around. The father of Arrakis (one of the orgas) is a brave man, standing up to fix the screen balancing on tiny structures.

And I'm now looking at the result, I must admit it's not bad (Bomb demo right now), though the party place will be too bright for us to look at the screen during the day. So all the compos will have to be held this night.

April 18

The music-compos are finished now, and all the others as well. Only two entries for the intro compo and about eight demos, two of which run under Linux. Cocoon and Syndrome released Shad2. Most of you might remember the first one done for the Wired98 in Belgium. Popsy Team also made a good job with their demo (some kind of invi' for their upcoming party: the VIP, which will be held in July, in France).

Lots of people are sleeping right now. And so will I.

- N.r.t.h./Headcrash/Trebel