Tiefsee Productions are searching for MP3-artists

Written by Ghandy

In a new initiative out of the Amiga Scene, RokDaZone/Endzeit started up a method for unsigned artists of Electronica-music (Techno, EBM, Industrial, Ambient, Synthie Pop, Goa, Trance,...) to get in direct contact with record labels. Artists like Virgill/Endzeit, X-Ceed/Endzeit & Floppy, GDM/Split Air & Looker House and Parsec have already participated or agreed to participate.

At http://www.tiefsee.de you will find the website of Tiefsee Productions including an English version. Most of the information is made available there, but nevertheless we have collected some exclusive lines for you.

First of all, Tiefsee Productions is a company owned by RokDaZone and some related fellows which consists of two subsections: Records and Online.

"Originally it started with a concept to build a company that offers webdesign and produces and distributes our own music," RokDaZone tells us. "Yet then it got out of hand somehow and grew into real dimensions."

Records now features its own studio in their hometown Oldenburg in which also the first CD from the project "Psycore feat. RokDaZone" named "Prototype" was produced. But the distribution turned out to be a real problem: "When we tried to offer it to record companies, we found that it is pretty hard just to get your demos heard as there are hundreds of demo tapes streaming into the huge houses."

The longtime Scener remembers, "We asked the labels how they deal with all the demo tapes and found that only few really have the intention to listen to all the material. They rather send their talentscouts to the clubs/discos/ festivals and look for promising groups which they then invite to a rehearsal. This is cost intensive and unproductive."

Then they asked themselves, what would happen if those labels got only demos of a kind they were potentially interested in? For example if a label focussing on Trance got nothing but demos from Trance-artists from a steady source with maybe ten tracks per week? With all the obviously non-releaseable stuff already sorted out - what if they wouldn't even have to pay for that service? The response was GRAND! Labels just look for such a service.

That was, when things started rolling.

They are in contact with certain record companies (both small and big) and radio stations as well. So what happens is that if you send them your demo tape, an MP3-excerpt (1.5 mins to 2.5 mins at 128 kps) from the most "telling" part of it will be put on the server. Now people can leech it for free and the record companies who possibly search for your music get informed by RokDaZone and his co-workers.

If you are lucky and good as well, a label might want it and as they only have the appetizer, they will get in contact with Tiefsee Productions in order to get more information. Then you will be contacted, and the rest lies in your hands.

"Of course we can't do this for nothing so I frankly tell you that we will take a 'connection provision' from the company (NOT from the artist) for our service."

And if that won't work out too well?

"Well, then we might have to open the system fully and make the service free to everyone including the labels - which would be a way that we favour - yet then we would need full sponsor coverage and that is not in reach. Yet."

They also think about selling a collection of the best pieces they received.

Maybe in cooperation with TRSI&Fairlight Recordz. In that case they will first ask the composers for their agreement and tell them what they can receive for it.

So what you get is:
- You get your demo tape released for FREE at a prominent location.
- You keep all the rights on your track (cp. "Agreement" in the tracks section of the website).
- The risk of somebody stealing your tracks is factually non-existant as only excerpts are going to be published.
- You have the CHANCE to get a record deal and you can be sure that they will be interested in you getting one as this pays them.
- Maybe you will get your piece(s) on a sampler without having to do anything about it.

BTW: You can put as many tracks online as you want.

For more info, visit their page and send RokDaZone a mail (brau@tiefsee.de).

This article also comes from the Amiga diskmag Jurassic Pack, issue seven.

- Ghandy of Darkage, Faith, Gods & Chemical Reaction