Editors Are Not Scene Gods

Written by Surfing

I want to write something against some wanna-be Gods of the once glorious, now almost sick Amiga scene. As always, I don't want to mention any names, but I would like to state that I mean Rokdazone, for example. I don't like the destructive attitude with which those phenomenal editors write their articles. I mean, a good writer imho is a writer who stays "impartial"... Example? The story of ShowTime, our (RamJam's) legendary chartsmag on the Amiga. Why does a fuckin' bitch that can't booze claim to know more than members of RamJam do?

Rumours and Chaos are golden things in a scene that does not seem to have very much news that can be proven... In fact I read only Hugi and Jurassic Pack nowadays. Those are real magazines.

Respectable editors keep OUT of internal group affairs and won't talk like God. I hate those people who believe in mags like ROM or Generation. I mean, of coz they are cool MAGS, but keep in mind that they have already been around for years. Hugi is pretty new and seems to be better (IMHO) than any other one, and it's really helping the PC scene (not trying to destroy things like certain Amiga mags do).

Another cool thing is that HUGI is independent of any scene group and it's really a generation ahead... (Ahha, MORE BEER!...) So keep it cool like the old issues and don't try to be a Nonsense God (we piss on churchs :D) that wants to judge everything.

Prophets are dead, and I like the Bible more than Generation ...

- Surfing / Ram Jam ^ Damones ^ FairLight