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Latest news

Access Denied. Now it's official: The newly re-formed group Access Denied plan to release at least two new issues of their diskmag Scenial. According to Venior (main editor), Scenial #5 and #6 are already finished, yet unreleased. In the meantime you can download the older issues at the Scenial website.

Bi-Mon-4k-Con. Loopback launched a bi-monthly 4k contest to promote the art of 4k intro coding. You can even win some prizes. At least that's what he says.

Comic Pirates. The scene-news site Network will close on January 1st, 2000. Comic Pirates will "play a major role in an international community-project" instead. What this means will be revealed next year at the place where Network used to be.

Defacto 2 have just released a huge chipmusicdisk with 80 tunes. Get it on

Fuzzion. No longer is Wilby the only 4k diskmag on this planet. The Fuzzion group, formed by members of several Spanish groups, released a 4k diskmag called Fuzzby #0 to present themselves.

ID Software. John Carmack released the sourcecodes of Quake 1, winquake, glquake, quakeworld, and glquakeworld under the GPL terms. It's less than 4 mbyte packed in total. Get it from ID or Walnut Creek.

Noiseless released a musicdisk called XMAS Chips. It features artists like Boo, Chromag, Jogeir, Jukebox, Lluvia, Loonie, Optic, Radix, Rez, Smash, and Virgill plus a Win95-based interface. Get it from

Pain. Pain 12/99 will be the last Pain issue edited by Fred/Calodox. Pain will have a new maineditor in 2000. Fred refuses to reveal any more information, but diskmag scene insiders speculate that it could be Unlock/Vantage.

Park is a new musicgroup with members such as A-Move, Velvet, Falcon, and Netpoet. Watch out for their forthcoming website which is being designed by Xenon.

Sanity. Volker Tripp, the musician formerly known as Jester/Sanity, has opened a new homepage called The Oddspot. There you can find out what happened to him after his time in the Amiga scene, download tunes in mod and mp3 formats and order an audio CD of his.

Sunset Design released a new version (2.0 beta 96.5%) of their pixeling program GrafX2.

Sunray. The December edition of Sunray, the new annual scene-review mag, is out! It features reports of almost all parties, reviews of many demos, intros, graphics, and tunes released there, some words about every release of ten large scene music labels, charts based on 140 votesheets, and more. 5.7 mbyte packed.

Tatanka released issue 6 of their Polish diskmag Total Disaster and issue 2 of their English diskmag Amber.

TRSi & Fairlight Recordz. A CD by Muffler CD will see the light in january. Preorders can still be done on the old website, but from next year on distribution will be done through "Yes, your dvd-specialist opens its gates for scene items. Here you will also be able to purchase e.g. TRSI&Fairlight Recordz, Paradox or TRSi-merchandise, music, demo-cds ... Furthermore Sazuma Productions will continue bringing you quality movies as world first on DVD so watch out!" says Lars Overberg of TRSi & FLT Recordz.

Winter in July. MasterBoy has apparently become a member of the Israeli government, as his email address has changed to We congratulate!

Xmas intro from Holland. Druid, Xotrack and Thijs made an xmas intro for Windows. It's available at (It may be already moved from /incoming to the main archive at the time you're reading this. In this case search for it yourself).

What has happened since Hugi #17

Aardbei released a Windows-based Bizarre '99 party report and their texture generator. Also read Ile's article on generating textures in this Hugi. Ile further reports: "G-day joined. He shall make some music and kick our asses at Liero. Oyise joined us to make some gfx. Oyise loves cats and his girlfriend Emma. He lives in Sweden. Oxygener joined us to make some music. He also lives in Sweden. Jonas left. He does not live in Sweden."

AgraVeDict. Fox joined as a 3d graphician. Insect joined as an ansi maker. Shredder joined as a coder. Chained, the group's first demo on PC, won the PC demo compo at Horizon '99. AgraVeDict also run an FTP server where you can find full stuff from all Polish parties from 1999.

Amiga Scene News. Woober has opened an Amiga Scene News site.

Assembly compo. spASM is running an assembly compo. For more information, check out its website.

Avalon Design is dead. Commando, Merlin and Viper left as they lost interest. Enzymer (coder) is looking for a new group in Denmark. Also read his article Shit Happens part 2.

Calodox. The Calodox family is now living at their own domain. Hiatus final has been released. You can now see and download the entries from the BEERtro compo organized by Calodox. The deadline was over on December 5, but you can still submit your products to the compo site. What's the theme? "FUN is the keyword!"

Chippendales is a musicgroup dedicated to the making of chiptunes. Curt Cool joined, Vent left. Now 20 releases available! Leech them or join the mailinglist. Current memberstatus is: Abaddon, Beathawk, Chavez, Curt Cool, Muffler, Radix, Tempest, Zandax.

CFXweb is a new demo and game development site by Civax. It features a daily updated newscorner, discussion forums, polls, gallery, links, download stats, and web-based IRC access. New features are added weekly.

Cryogen. Enok joined as a pixel graphician.

Damage are going to release a demo at Elevator 2000. They didn't get their demo finished at Dreamhack '99.

Defacto 2. All members of the chiptune group Tequila have joined Defacto 2. This includes names like Dalezy, Dawn, Arjan, Makko, Zalza, Jelly, Skeema, and Sond. Expect some intros with chip music. has opened. According to its maintainers, Cortezo and Kazik of Anadune, is "the biggest Polish DemoScene linkpage". It covers different platforms and different categories (groups, parties, zines, private, services).

Despite. Szuko/Despite announces that the Polish diskmag Sneaker #5 will be out before summer 2000. Along with a Win32 version it might also have Linux/386 and DOS/386 versions. Article contributions go to Szuko. They can be in English or in German and must have a minimum length of 3 kbyte.

DiskMag Webring. Richard Karsmakers from the Atari magazine ST NEWS has opened a DiskMag Webring. Any diskmag from any platform is invited to join it.

Doose charts are back online (beta launch), this time running on MySQL and PHP, so the charts are updated in real time. The site also has links to many popular demos for download.

Dragon. The fifth issue of Dragon, one of the leading Polish diskmags, is out. Main editor of this issue is Szum/Cryogen. The interesting tunes and graphics might be an incentive for people from outside Poland to download it, too. Dragon is available at and Issue 6 will be released in february.

Eed:mag. Xhale released a first "test" issue of eed:mag. The magazine was made within a few hours and is based on Shockwave Flash. In this way it is both possible to view it online and to download it like a diskmag. Eed:mag issue#1 has an extraordinary interface and a few texts. If the scene accepts this mag, then Xhale will release a new issue every two or four weeks.

EliteGroup released a Win32 XM player based on Mxmplay with full source code.

Erik Lyden. The website of the musician Erik Lyden, formerly known as Carebear/Orange, can now be viewed.

Erratum. Distance/TPOLM reported in the Hugi #17 news corner: "Replay was victorious at Bush Party with their dentro 'after seks', with music by md/tpolm." Woody/Fadeout wants to clarify that Replay did not win Bush Party 6. "Fadeout won, and Phrenetics came third."

Excite. Since Excite was inactive and the only members were coders, they decided to let the group die. Last memberstatus was: Iqutio, Fairway, Tash and Genoz.

Fairlight. Their new web-site is located at

Franky has finally found the disgusting "bug" which prevented void-3 from running on PCI SB emulations. He did an "outsb" which the emus don't cover. It's a similar bug to the one he found under dos with emm386. If you want a more compatible version of void-3, either mail him or download it at the downloads section of the Doose Charts site.

Frenzy opened a new coding website. New articles are added on a semi-regular basis.

Funktion. Droid joined funktion (back in march 1999). The members are: Beathawk, Chavez, Droid, Drone, El Higu and Pekiz. Probably some new releases will come out at The Party and Elevator 2000. Their intro wasn't shown at Dreamhack '99 thanks to the organizers who fucked up.

Gfxzone has moved to a new location.

Grinders. Their website has opened.

Haujobb released a bugfixed final version of their 64k Discloned. Available at their Inferno has opened an online gallery. According to Chavez/funktion, Haujobb is going to release a demo at The Party 1999. The demo will be made by Droid, Melwyn, Illusion and probably others.

HeadcrasH. N.r.t.h.'s homepage has moved.

Hugi Core. Dario Phong joined Hugi Core & The Royal Family. He is the editor of the compression coding corner in Hugi. His Wisdom Vault, a website dedicated to compression and fpu programming, has moved. The e-mail address of Phinn, editor of the computer math section in Hugi, has changed to Makke has opened his new homepage. You can find a collection of his articles for Hugi, Pain, Shine, Amnesia, and Network there, plus a collection of graphics by Crystal99. Makke will soon do his military service and therefore will leave Hugi Core after the release of this issue. He will return as soon as he is a free man again.

Hugi Size Coding Competition #10 has been launched. Just like the famous y2k (or 'millennium') bug you must attempt to reach the magic number 00, but this time with the size of your ENTRY.COM program. The task is to create the smallest possible Taquin puzzle game. This is the first competition that will count for the World League Table of 2000, so even if you are new to this compo series, you have great chances to get first in the World League Table! Get the rules from the Hugi Size Coding Competition website.

IMAgE. The fifth issue of IMAgE, a German diskmag, was released. Soon followed an updated version called IMAgE #5a. There are some more articles, the interfaces have been bugfixed, and more orthography errors have been corrected. Supports Win32 and DOS, contains 500kb of articles, and three bonus tracks are also downloadable.

Imphobia produced the first scene audio CD in cooperation with Fusecon, "audiophonik". Read more in an article in this Hugi. Vic and Bjorn Lynne will be at The Party 99 selling the CD.

Infuse Project released DemoGL. This is a Win32, C++, Object oriented, OpenGL based demosystem with MP3 support. It comes along with examples and full documentation.

Intense is back with new homepages. Intense is a music group/label releasing catchy drum & bass and house stuff.

Jamm R. Visualize's gallery is now online.

Just for Fun released a party photo report of LTP3 in cooperation with Digital Murder. Available at

Latin American Scene News. The Latin American Scene now has a daily updated news site.

Lazur. The ever-amazing artist now has his own website. You can have a look at his talent through the years in the gallery or have a look at the steps of making some of the pics. Well worth the visit!

Matrix. The final version of Luxo is now available at It now supports SB. The design and the colours are also a bit improved.

Medieval. After meeting each other at Icing '99, Hexxon and Luminous decided to form a group. They got hold of a musician named Bozo (formerly member of Cascada and Flava among others). The group wants to release an Artdisk before the year of 2K. Current memberstatus: Hexxon 2d-graphics artist, Luminous 3d-graphics artist and Bozo musician.

Milk. Jcole left Milk. "There wasn't enough time me to keep it up together with Ceniq and I thought that he's enough capable of doing it himself. Various other projects are stealing time from me."

Moon Hunters. Two new tracks by DNA Groove are available for download as MP3 from his website.

Nextempire. Their new site contains everything they have ever made, including demos for download.

Nostalgia. Hakbam (former TcM^Ground Zero) and Druid/TSG recently joined Nostalgia. Druid is currently working on a new 3d engine. Virago will move to Norway within the next year. Laserdance and Farang are more or less retired. Nostalgia is busy with the organisation of the Takeover 2000 event, The REW is main organiser.

NoiseTrekker is a new, free tracker for Windows, already available in version 1.5. According to Waka-X it features "32 Bit Dither Mixing, Replay Stereo Samples, full .WAV compatibility, 16 Independent DSP Filters Types for each track, Tempo Shuffle control, Delay effects (Echo, Reverb), Independent Flanger or Chorus for each track, Midi Out implementation, Tweaking writes into sequencer, Outstanding soundquality, Old Skool Trackers Feeling and Looking". Get it here.

OpenPTC. OpenPTC is an open source portable framebuffer library for C/C++/Java programmers. An alpha port to BeOS has now been released. Gaffer on cspid: "We are looking for people to assist with the BeOS port so if you are experienced in BeOS graphics programming drop us a line. Any contributions, bugfixes etc will be greatly appreciated."

Pain. Issue 10/99 has been released. According to Fred the next issue will be number 12/99 and come out at the end of december. Get the mag at its new website.

Polish diskmags. Merge #1, Legend #1, Flicker #1 (chartsmag), Dragon #5 and a new issue of Total Disaster are out. They're all available on Amber. Scroll up to the point where you can see a bold "Dragon" to read some special information on Dragon.

RamJam. Surfing opened a personal website. Featuring a photo, the story of his life and oldskool design.

Razor 1911. Razor 1911 Demo Division website has moved.

Replay released issues 5 and 6 of their diskmag Shine and a compilation of all articles from Shine #2-#5 called shineRETRO. According to Chavez/funktion, Replay are making an accelerated demo, a normal demo and an intro for The Party 1999.

Return from Stage #9 has been released. It's the sequel to Stage #9, the second most popular musicdisk according to La Crème de la Scène. Get it here.

Scenet. Issue 31 of the sceners' email/homepage database Scenet is out. It is planned to include more ICQ numbers of sceners in future versions, so send your ICQ number to Ghandy. For more info on Scenet read the article on it in this Hugi.

Scienide. Their new website has opened.

Secular is a new ascii group that was formed on october 23rd, 1999. They have already released two packs, secular #1 and secular #2.

Smash Designs have got their own domain. As a consequence, Daniel Schlenzig's website (with the Linux reader for Hugi #12-#17) has also moved.

Sodium Spray is a new site serving exclusively 4kb and 64kb intros which have already been submitted to demoparties. Currently you can choose to download over 200 of the latest intros, with just one click.

Spinning Kids. Their home page is ready. Feymour/Japotek double joined as coder/designer.

Suburban Creations. Crossbone released his texture generator.

Sunflower is a new group founded by Unreal/CNCD. Learn more about it in an article in this Hugi.

Surprise!Productions are back to the scene. They will release productions for Linux and C64, perhaps also something for Win32. S!P was a huge international PC & Amiga demogroup with hundreds of members from Austria, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, the USA, Chile, the Netherlands, France, Australia, Hungary,... The groups Pulse, Beans and Fake That were formed by former S!P members. Check out S!P's new website by ReeBoK.

TAD. TAD, the 2nd most popular writer according to La Crème de la Scène, has changed his email address. He is now reachable under BTW: There is another person who calls himself TAD. He is from Italy and occasionally turns up on IRCNet #coders. Do not confuse the two of them.

TDSC. Elbee and Bedrael (musicians) joined the crew.

The demoparty linkpage was completely updated with new design and party dates.

The Neonray are now working with DASoftware and a lot of people. They try to create Lit-Erator, a Russian Literature E-Mag.

Theralite. Smash released his first musicdisk, called "There goes the neighbourhood!", under the Theralite label. It features 12 jazz tunes embedded in a Win32 interface coded by Whizzter with pictures by TMK, FloOd, Inferno, Orome, and others. This is the 100th release of Theralite. Get it at the Theralite website and read Makke's review in this Hugi.

The Solar Group. Xotrack joined as a coder. Expect a little x-mas '99 intro with music by The REW. Visit TSG homepage.

The Underground Periodical now covers the demoscene. Get the latest issue of this e-mag at its website.

Tiny XM Player for Win32 (9 KByte of code and data) supporting DirectSound is available at Chris Dragan's Corner.

Trauma. Jari Komppa, also known in the demo scene as Sol/Trauma, posted a new article on Direct3D on his website. The article is called "DX7 the dirty way tutorial" and is also available for download. Go visit Sol's website for this and a lot of other goodies.

Trinity. The Trinity website has been re-opened and redesigned. Avalanche got his first menstruation for over two months, and could finally quit worrying about being pregnant. That also relieved 720, of course. Morph won a sprint event in school finishing by running into a door, braking it open and falling out to the ground. The next day, the injured fatass accidently shit in his underwear because of all the candy he's eating, and had to travel home early to get rid of the disgusting smell.

UPX Version 0.84 is out. A new version of UPX is available from the UPX website. From the website: "UPX is a portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several different executable formats. It achieves an excellent compression ratio and offers very fast decompression. Your executables suffer no memory overhead or other drawbacks."

Vinyl. The first issue of the South American scene magazine Vinyl (also called Vinilo) is out. It features 300 kbyte of articles in English and Spanish. There are a text version and a HTML version.

Visuale. Makke reports: "Over the last few months we have been plagued with inactivity.. after some scouting and reshuffling.. the following members joined: Ballistique / Neptune (Musician), Majic Mushroom (Coder), Pete (Artist). And the following left: Crystal (Artist), TooFast (Coder), TopCat (Coder). We were very sad to see Crystal go, he was very talented and did a lot of work on our forth-coming music-disc, it would have been nice for him to finish it, but whenever he decides to pixel again, he is more than welcome to rejoin. With our current squad of members, it seems things are really moving now.. and I expect many releases.. so watch out for: "As low as it gets" - a chippack, with chips by Makke and Ballistique, "Moodswings" - a music disc, with music by Makke, and a top secret demo! We're also looking for a coder or two.. if you're groupless and active :) then send a mail to Sulphur along with some examples of your work. We work under win32.. so that platform is prefered. So watch out for some killer releases, and for our -ahem- website. :)"

Wild Bits released the first three issues of a new diskmag called Wilby. Read more about it in this Hugi.

Wipe. Their second demo, X-Side, won at Slash Party II (France).

Winter of July have got a new website.

Woorlic released their "best demo by far", made in four days. It is called Homeless, has a "dark theme", requires Win32, DirectSound, DirectDraw (for fullscreen mode) or GDI (for windowed mode), 32mb of RAM, P133+, and is about 3mb of size (packed).

Wanted: People and Groups!

AgraVeDict are looking for a good 2d graphician who could make a cover and a panel for their new musicdisk. Contact Neurop.

Anti is looking for a group. He writes: "Now that the CER/FAKE/kolabore 'team' broke up, I'm sitting here pretty alone. So if anyone is willing to give me a chance, I'd be happy to enlarge someone's Linux division." Contact him via email.

Belgar, an ascii/ansi maker, is looking for a group. Contact him at: Radek Borowski, ul. Krasickiego 4, 76-100 Slawno, Poland.

Dark Eden are looking for new members. If you are interested then contact Morgul (Pawel Pierog, Zatonie 63, 66-005 Zatonie, Poland).

Evenflow are looking for new members of all kinds. If you want to join their legions simply write to Blade (Pawel Winiarski, ul. Sportowa 2/11, 06-300 Przasnysz, Poland).

HeadcrasH. New in the scene? No group to join? HeadcrasH need GFXers (pixel, raytrace, 3ds) and coders (Watcom C++ or Assembler under DOS). Send some samples of your work to StyX. If you are from Germany this would simplify things very much. "Before you write your mail now please note that we are no legendary group... but also note that we work on it ;)"

Magic Dreams. The German demogroup "Magic Dreams" is searching for new members for serious and high-quality productions. If you want join, please mail to CodeX. For more infos about the group you can visit the Magic Dreams website.

Medieval are currently looking for talented "motive" pixelers. Contact Hexxon.

Nothing. Cremax/Nothing is looking for a 3d modeller to help him in a demo prod. (Mind the new email address!)

Orange Juice. Orange Juice 2.0 has been launched. It allows registered users to add news, parties, and edit their personal information themselves in a web-based interface. An FTP search engine for demoscene productions is also under development. Mind that the URL has changed.

Outlaw Triad. C++ coders who are interested in joining Outlaw Triad should contact Sappy. As reported in Hugi #17, they need coders for several demo projects and a game.

Secular. If you're a skilled ascii artist or just a talented beginner you're welcome to join Secular or guest their packs. Contact Slash.

TDSC are looking for C/C++ Windows coders and 2d or 3d graphicians. It does not matter if you are a newbie or not, they need your support anyway. Send an email to FirEdge for more information.

tWANA0! Illegal_instruction writes: "American jazztracker/coder wannabe illegal_instruction is returning to the scene after having lay low for the past two months and is looking to add to members 'tHEY wHO aRE nOT aZ 0THERz', a group * based on the west coast of the US. If you can code, draw gfx (scan or pixel), track, sing or write poetry, and are interested, hit me. We're also planning to attend ASM 2k in Helsinki as well, and maybe some parties in Europe earlier in the year (if my source for discount airline tickets doesn't dry up). If anyone else wants to help put the North America scene on the world map, please join us... Also, watch for our first release as a team, 'entro', in early 2000... plus assorted mods. (* Er, so we only have two members... -sigh-)"

Adok & Civax