Welcome to the final charts corner in Hugi! Merely 37 votesheets have reached us, which makes the charts neither representative for the Hugi readership nor for the whole scene. Probably most of the readers are tired of filling in these sheets, and I can understand it: There are so many mags with charts and chartsites that you'd spend hours just to fill in the sheets - and then you also have to watch scene prods in order to give a decent judgment. Most people rather prefer working on their projects in order to get into some chart themselves one day.

You know my opinion on charts in general and you can imagine I won't chase the people and talk them into filling in votesheets like I did with my juvenile enthusiasm in the time before Hugi 12. I rather invest my time in organizing articles for the mag. Therefore, the charts section in Hugi is closed, this is the last one.

I recommend all people who are still willing to vote regularly Eurochart PC and Orange Juice charts, they have easy-to-access web-based voting forms and are updated quite often. Perhaps one of them will emerge the central charts of the PC scene, which in my opinion makes more sense than dozens of charts in dozens of diskmags.

The counting system is the same as in the two previous issues: For each first place, a charts entry got 10 points, for each second 9 points etc. down to 6 points for each fifth point. The minimum score to get listed is 12 points. If more than 20 entries have at least 12 points, only the 20 best places are listed.

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