List of voters

Handle or name Group(s) Scene skill(s) Country
ADV ANDESA Soft International Coder Israel
aevoc Orange Juice COD France
a-move park musician germany
anonymous coder,gfxer
Chris Dragan Hugi code,music Poland
cp witchcraft^teklords gfx, code .de
Dante Icarus Composer/Organiser/ Writer/Proofreader Australia
Dario Phong Hugi Coder, writer Spain
deffy confine coder sweden
Digital Haze Coder Denmark
DJefke PcP Coder, Writer Belgium
Sir D-Lee Exceeding the Haujobber Fleur The Holy Father of the Demoscene Magyarország
Error64 RMM Code Australia
flod music,code France
goro delirium+wizzarts mail swapper, mag co-editor, newsletter m-editor poland
isod Finland
leopold music finland
lycium Quixoft coder South Africa
klotzi coder germany
Mali Outlaw Triad Graphician (2D) The Netherlands
Mikko Kauppila Outlaw Triad coder, musician Finland
Morph Trinity Secret La suede
Musik Fairlight Coding Denmark
nldsr low.frequency.neenjas ( tracking, webdesign norway
omen Dimension^Platoon coder Poland
Dr. Penetrator Hotboyz swap,code,html Denmark
Parasight Coder Germany
RaViTy NosferatU Coding The Netherlands
Seven / Coder, Writer Belgium
StyX HeadcrasH code Germany
TAD Hugi Coding, graphics, writing UK
t.c.p. eichel sägewerkers vote-form-filling schröderland
trace fuzzion dezzigner spain
tryhuk writer Czech Republic
Ufix fuzzion^dSK coder Spain
Zebel Magic Dreams Coder Germany

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