An Editorial Writing Prophet of Hugi

Hello all, and welcome to Hugi #18 - The Eminent. Those of you who have seen the preview know why it took us a bit longer this time: We have got a new diskmag engine. It had to be beta-tested thoroughly and constantly enhanced with new features. The name of the man who made the new engine is Chris Dragan. Thank you, Chris, for all this - I think you've contributed more to this Hugi issue than anybody else. As you see, your sweat wasn't worthless!

The new engine allows us to use true-type fonts and create a more professional article layout. In addition, it has many useful features. For example, you can save articles to html by pressing the f2 key. Or, you can change the background theme, which in this issue is especially interesting for a bit nostalgic people. Want to try it? Press ctrl+f2 or ctrl+f3. To get back to the default theme, just press ctrl+f1. For a list of everything you can do with the new engine, check out the Control Reference and the User's Guide.

Simultaneously to this international edition, a Russian edition of Hugi #18 has also been released. So all you Russian-speaking people can read this issue in your language, too. Go and grab it at our site if you don't already have it. The articles were translated by slash //secular, Helios Acidum and others. Especially slash had a lot of work with it, so I also want to thank him here. Molodec!

And thanks of course also to all writers, graphicians, musicians and other contributors involved in this issue. See the credits for the names. Without you, Hugi #18 would not have become what it is!

As you might have already noticed, there is no German Part in this issue. Instead, we will release a complete diskmag in German language. It will be called hugi.ger, and its first issue should come out in early 2000. hugi.ger will follow the traditions of the first Hugi issues, which were entirely in German, too. We're kinda going back to the roots.

hugi.ger is not the only project of Hugi Core & Royal Family apart from the Hugi diskmag. For a while we've also been releasing a weekly newsletter called HugiNews. I got the idea to start this newsletter when I realized that people sent me news which would be already outdated at the time a new Hugi issue would be released, for example announcements of bustrips to demoparties. Demoscene news is the main component of HugiNews, but there is also at least one article per issue. You can get HugiNews from our website, scene.org or CFXweb (not the full issues, but most of the news are regularly posted here). Or, even simpler: Subscribe to our mailinglist, and you will get every new issue of HugiNews as soon as it's out, plus extra information on the Hugi diskmag. You can unsubscribe any time, of course.

Finally, one word about the language of this issue. We have always tried to make sure that the grammar and spelling in Hugi are correct, and that no wrong vocabulary or phrases are used. For this, we have had our articles proofread by people who speak English as their native language. This has not changed. What has changed is that I have decided not to try to make the language of every article as literary as possible any more, but allow using colloquial expressions and abbreviations such as smilies. I've been convinced that these are parts of the culture of our scene, and that it isn't bad to differ from professional magazines in this respect. Besides, my experiences have made me come to the conclusion that most of our readers even prefer to have some "Scenglish" slang in diskmags instead of a perfect language such as Shakespeare's.

Happy reading to all of you, and see you in Y2K! Adok/Hugi