Credits for this issue

The code was done by Chris Dragan. For sound playback the BASS sound system by Ian Luck is used.

The opening, background and closing graphics were drawn by David Durrenberger (dines/blabla). Also included are alternative background graphics from Hellfire/Haujobb and Flood/Noice. The illustrations in articles come from various sources. Usually the authors submitted them themselves. All ascii graphics in the diz and the info files used in this issue were made by slash //secular. Some of the mouse cursors were designed by mad/os^real.fake, others by dines. Icons were created by dines, Tatanga, Luminos, Nightbeat, Cereal, Dawnstar, mad/os, CoaXCable, DARKflare, Spiny, K. Bruil, The Berserker, and Griesse.

The tunes were composed by Acumen, Andromeda/Razor1911, traymuss/GiRaFfE, and Ciccilleju/Apocalypse. Visit Acumen's website.

The articles were written by Acumen, Adok, Andromeda, Avalanche, Black, BloB, Blunder, BRAD, Brioche, Chris Dragan, cMAN, Dario Phong, Darkness, Dendrite, D-Lee, Enzymer, ex0cet, FirEdge, Flod, fr3d, Ile, Jetthe, Kami, Ghandy, Gnilk, JKL, -jS-, Kalms, KOWBOY, Krii, Made, Magic, Makke, Melcom, Morph, Quin, Pyromaniac, slash, Simon Jay, Smash, Stefan Westerfeld, StyX, SunmaN, szum, Tonic, tryhuk, TAD, and T$.

The included bonus program XM Devastator was made and submitted by the Proxium group.

The people involved in the editing process of this issue are Dario Phong/Hugi (compression corner editor), Makke/Hugi/Visuale (music corner editor), Dendrite/Hugi (proofreader), Doz (proofreader), Psykax/Hugi (proofreader), TAD (proofreader), slash //secular (head of the Russian translation team), Civax (news corner co-editor), and Adok/Hugi (main editor).

We also want to thank the loads of people who sent us votesheets or news. Hugi Staff