Credits for this issue


Main Editor: Adok of Hugi Core & Royal Family
Co-Editor: Magic of Nah-kolor
Articles: Adok, Algorias, Beb, Bob, Chris Dragan, CiH, Concept-P, CONS, Cryptic, Forcer, Gasman, GRX, Hicks, Hoffman, Hydra, iq, Jazzcat, Jeroen Tel, Krick, Lord Helmet, Magic, Magnar, Mahoney, Menace, Navis, Noobody, NTSC, Nytrik, Optimus, Pal, Paradroid, Parsec, Phoenix, Pixtur, Prince, rc55, Response, Setsuko, Trixter, Ultrasyd, Velo, Vincenzo, Westlicht, Wiklund, Zach Weddington, Ziphoid, Zonbie


Opening Picture: Forcer of Planet Earth
Main Background Picture: Slayer of Ghostown
Alternative Background Picture: Dzordan of Anadune
Closing Picture: Prince of The Obsessed Maniacs
Photos: Many from Slengpung or - thanks!


The soundtrack of this issue:
1. Gravity Shot by Magnar Harestad
2. Celestial by Alexander Wiklund
3. Late Drive by Martin "Mantronix" Hall
4. Mozaika by Remigiusz "Traymuss" Trzcionka
5. Parallax Mixdown by Ian "Hoffman" Ford
6. xxx by Tomasz "Chaser" Gierygowski
7. Clareo by Zbigniew "Siatek" Siatecki
8. Mayflower by Klaus "Xerxes" Lunde
9. Amsterdam Boobies by Patryk "Revisq" Gegniewicz


Diskmag Engine: Panorama 2 by Chris Dragan of Alcatraz, originally developed for Hugi and now used by many diskmags
Sound System: BASS by Ian Luck
Bugfixes: T$ of Alcatraz

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