Editorial: State of the Scene 2012

Demoscene - An Introduction

Scene on the Internet

Hugi #37 News Corner

What happened 15 issues ago

Credits for this issue


Revision - Behind the Easter Party

Revision 2012 Warm Up: Events & Releases. What To Expect?

Special Effects in the Movies with Danny of TBL

Do you believe in C64 after death?

PandaCube: Making of PC-05 Flux

Group in Focus: Nuance

Behind the Scene

Screen It 2010/2011

CPC in the years 2010 & 2011

Behind the group and person: Cocoon & Guille

Desire - Comeback to the Demoscene

The Making of "We Come In Peace"

Romeo Knight CD: Act of Goat

Mindcandy 3 Update

Kunst, Code und Maschine

History Lesson: The German Diskmag Scene

Diskmag Galore #2

Re: We Need More Newbies

GUI on Amiga today

Amiga in 2012 - Present days

Abnominio 2042

Opinion: Five Ingredients to Become a Scener

Weekend with Wecan 2012

MAiN 2012 - Party Invitation

Viva Amiga Party 2012


The Dynamic Duo: GRX and Zonbie of PandaCube

An Interview with Forcer of Desire

Blast from the past: Mantronix of Phenomena

Interview with Paralax/Speckdrumm

Portrait: CONS of TRSI

Top Personality: Ubik of Elude

In Focus: Xerxes of Brainstorm & Darklite


Little Computer People 2011

Letter from TRSAC 2011

Evoke 2011 Party Report

Buenzli 20 report

Demoscene Outreach Event II

Revision 2011 Report

tUM 2010 & 2011 Party Report

Riverwash 2010 & 2011 Report

The Amiga 25 Years Party

Block Party 2010 Report

Breakpoint 2010 Report

Coding Corner

Flocking about with the Kinect

Heuristic Optimization Techniques

Computing the Convex Hull

On ray casting, ray tracing, ray marching and the like

So you want to OHP - A collection of tips and tricks for OHP demomaking

In Closing

What does the future hold for Hugi?

In Closing: The Last Words of Hugi #37

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