The Last Words to Hugi issue #36

Written, traditionally, by Magic of Nah-Kolor

Just remember, there's a right way and a wrong way to do everything and the wrong way is
to keep trying to make everybody else do it the right way. - M*A*S*H* Colonel Potter

Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning? - Coleman Cox

The beginning of the end words

Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the last words article in this issue of Hugi. I suppose, working on Hugi #36 took more time and patience than any other of the issues I worked on since I stepped onboard of the Hugi train from the 32nd volume. We also experience the consequences of growing older and having other priorities in real life. But writing articles, coming up with new ideas and staying in touch with people committed to support, in other words making a diskmag, is just a very nice hobby and real life could be boring without a nice hobby. Easter I will spend with my own family and my family in law as usual the last few years but, if you are reading this at The Gathering or Breakpoint 2010, I hope you have a nice time reading this issue 36th issue and of course enjoy all the music it comes with. If you are reading this after easter 2010 I hope you enjoy it all the same :)

I have been asked a couple of times why I still write for the diskmag Hugi? Partly this question originates from some very unlucky mistake in the last issue. My apologies for any inconvience. To make up Hugi is now 100% demoscene only! Yes, you read this right. The misc section got canned. On the other hand, let's face it, some unrespectful flaming and trolling at at a level which is basically harassment resulted in the setting of some sort of a public opinion. There are always followers who don't try to judge independently and ojectively for themselves. I am sure we made up with this issue. I grew up with the demoscene. Especially in the 80's and first half of the 90's. Later I continued with some breaks, but never really lost it out of sight. On another level, Hugi as a diskmag has a lot of readers! At least judging from the download count on the servers. For example issue 34 (including the lite version) was downloaded more than 7200 times! The English issues alone, issue 1 till 35 and the three special editions were downloaded 137600 times in total! Which proves we reach a wide audiance in and outside the demoscene I suppose.

Jukebox Delight

There are not many PC diskmags getting released on our current demoscene so we should cherish the ones still released. For this issue I managed to get some very nice music support. It took some time but we now have a musicdisk inside based on our theme 'Jukebox Delight' With not the very least demoscene musicians on board. Romeo Knight contributed with a very nice track called Song 7201. You can read his interview in Hugi #33 (April 2007). Another old skool musician contributing is Lizard of Andromeda fame. For some time now known as Magnar of The Black Lotus. I have some very nice memories with Magnar. He is a very nice fellow. Listening to his countless previews and giving feedback on which he made adjustments (or not :)). Doing an interview with him for this issue (which you can read here). A creative process in diskmag making for sure. Yes, making a diskmag isn't only about writing articles.. It's about contacting and staying in contact with other sceners. Reminding them from time to them of their pledge to contribute. Giving feedback, motivating them in the little spare time sceners have these days. And in the end doing this for you, the reader, and supporting the demoscene.

If Romeo Knight and Magnar were not enough also Moby of Nooon contributed to this issue with a track. Sceners with an Amiga background may rememer him from when he was a member of the group Sanity (read his interview in Hugi #34 from February 2008). But he was also a member of Nooon on the PC. Moby hasn't contributed to a demoscene release for a long, long time. His last track was in the winning Amiga demo at The Party 1998. So I really hope you enjoy his new track 'Memories of a World'. Next to them Traymuss and Siatek of Nah-Kolor are back once again for this issue. (Thanx mates!) And last but not least pOWL of Alcatraz completes the list with a track called 'Can't Stop Thinking'. You probably have listened to all tracks by now since this is the last words article. 8) A special thank you to Anthony, a graphics artist, who is not familiar with the demoscene but helped out all the same. The fabulous layout and music menu are created by him! Thank you! Check his profile in the welcome section!

Greetings to Adok. His magazine Hugi will be celebrating its 14 years existence next month! Congratulations!

Thanx and greetings to everybody else I forgot. Keep on supporting the demoscene. Age is just a number ;) There is always a tomorrow!

Have a nice easter and rest of 2010..

Yours Sincerely

Magic of Nah-Kolor

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P.S.: May the force be with the reborn Desire crew! (On Amiga and PC :))