Watch live recorded demos

Want to relive the democompetition you have seen at a party? Want to taste the atmosphere of the demo competition you never seen for real? Hear the audiance applaud and whistle? Check out these demos on Youtube:
Relic by Nerve Axis live
(#1 at Assembly 1998 Amiga democompo)
Debris by Farbrausch live
(#1 at Breakpoint 2007 PC demo compo)
Elevated by RGBA & TBC live
(#1 at Breakpoint 2009 4k intro compo)
Chamelon/ASD Live
(#1 at Evoke 2009 demo compo)
Step by Step by Elude
(#5 at Function 2009 combined demo compo)
Conspiracy - Actuator live
(#1 at Main 2009 PC 64kb intro compo)

Demoscene comes to Flash

Check out the Flash demoscene over at Some awesome coding and special effects, lots of 3d and oldskool trickery going on.

9 Fingers by Spaceballs

Are you an oldskool Amiga scener? Do you remember the Amiga demo 9 Fingers by Spaceballs? Then check out how this demo was made here.

Diskmag Study

In 2007 Markku Reunanen and Antti Silvast presented a scientific paper called "Demoscene Platforms: A Case Study on the Adoption of Home Computers" at "History of Nordic Computing 2". This paper was recently made online as a pdf document (get it here). The method was to study diskmags (Sex'n'Crime, Zine, RAW, Imphobia) and newsgroups (alt.sys.amiga,

Technical details: Applied Mediocrity

KeyJ of Kaki-arts wrote a very nice article on his blog about his winning Evoke 64kb intro. Get something to drink and have a nice time reading here.

Fairlight: Making of Frameranger & Blunderbuss

Frameranger is one of the best, if not, the best demo of 2009. Now Smash of Fairlight wrote a detailed making of article in three parts about this demo. The first part can be read here. The second part about deferred rendering in Frameranger can be read here. while the 3rd part about ambient occlusion in Frameranger can be read here.

Last but not least a somewhat smaller (in size) article about the making of Fairlight's demo called Blunderbuss (#3 at Main 2009 demo competition) can be read here.

All in all, Smash of Fairlight did a great and interesting deal of writing not to be missed. And what can you do after you have read it? Just follow his blog in the future... :)

The Making of 'Julie'

Julie by Cosmic of Nuance got a second place in the animation competition at Breakpoint 2009. You can download a pdf file how this video was made here.

Behind 'Elevated'

The 4kb intro Elevated made everybody's jaw drop when it was released at easter 2009. How could this possibly be only 4kb? Well, IQ gave a seminar about how Elevated was made at the Function 2009 party in Budapest. This presentation can be downloaded from IQ's website in pdf format, so you can find the answer right here.

Past, Present and future of the demoscene article

Explaining the roots and the road behind the demoscene and how the demoscene shifted its focus towards art to conclude with what's next for the demoscene can be read here.

About the Forthcoming demo by Navis/ASD

Navis of Andromeda Software Development started his own blog. About "The making of a rather big demo, thoughts about the demoscene, computer graphics and life. In that order." So if you want to follow Navis' developement log of his new demo go to

Graphics Size Coding

Are you into the tiniest intros of all? Or you just think it's an interesting read? Written by Auld, you can get more graphics for less right here.

Plastic: interactive PS3 'Santa Monica Studio' logo

It's been a while since the last release by the Polish heroes Plastic. 'Linger In Shadows' (PS3 demo) and 'into the pink' (PC demo) were released in 2008. In the long wait for their next release here are some seconds to ease your mind with. You can watch it on youtube from 00:11 till 00:20 here. The credits are Maq/Floppy for the fluid flow algorithm (See interview with Maq in the interview section of this issue -ed), Rork for the logo and Misz, bonzaj and Kinga for code, design and the rest.

Acumen: MilanMedia website

After 2.5 years of work, Acumen finished the new website of his company MilanMedia. Check it out here.

Mudia-Art.Net is online

In addition to the offline artmag, there is now a website presenting music and graphics art. Check it out here.

.kkapture 1.00 released

ryg has released version 1.00 of his tool for taking screenshots of demos, ".kkapture". Get it from his homepage.

8bit Today - 8bit related news and media

If you are interested in 8bit related news, information and media, you should visit 8bit Today! Why was this website created and what is this website exactly about? Founder Sander of Focus explains: "After seeing a documentary about 8bit some years ago, I realised the information on the subject was very shattered, as it really had a poor coverage of what, for what I felt, was happening in the 8bit world today. By deciding on the approach I considered it important being understandable for outsiders next to giving more indepth information than what is common in the blogosphere. It's not my aim to cover the 8bit demoscene, or anything else to a large extend, instead I aim to select on artistic value - by my view. Hopefully it'll show a bit of a context for 8bit aesthetics eventually. And i'd like to think that it is sometimes a platform for the 8bit demoscene to surface, on another side to inspire that very same scene by showing different 8bit art." Visit now at

Des!re rebuilt

HOLLAND (ANP) Ė Desire, the old Dutch Amiga group that got famous with their Prime 1992 second placed demo Menace has been rebuilt by some of the original members. For example Infant and Sacha. Hammerfirst (graphics) and Pek (coder) joined up. From a very reliable source we got the information Desire is working on a new Amiga demo but also a PC demo. At the time of writing itís unclear if the subgroup Facetís Pussy of Desire is rebuilt as well. Hugi wishes Desire all the best for the future! You can find their releases here.