What happened 15 issues ago

Hugi #21 was released in December 2000. Some of the news from this issue:

"Academic World. A full-fledged university paper on the demoscene (focusing on the Amiga) has been published by George Borzyskowski of the Curtin University of Technology, located in Perth, Australia, called 'The Hacker Demo Scene and its Cultural Artifacts'. Highly interesting!"

"Amiga Music Preservation is the name of a web-based database on Amiga-based tracking musicians maintained by Crown & Curt Cool and hosted by Scenet. It consists of loads of handles, groups, countries and real names. Unfortunately there are no links to sites from which you can obtain their tunes."

"Console compo. A video-game console demo-coding compo is currently being held at y2kode.com. The entry submission deadline is February 2001. Your entries can be written for a whole lot of different platform, ranging from Master System to Dreamcast."

"Demopaja. Memon of Moppi (the demo group) has released Demopaja, a demo authoring tool based on OpenGL. It has a interface similar to the popular 2D animation tools such as Macromedia Flash. Plugins can be created by everyone using MSVC; an SDK with examples is also available. Download it."

"Demoscene Radio. On the first Wednesday of every month, the Swedish radio-channel P3's program M-P3 features demoscene music. Morph says, 'To be able to continue doing this they need your help as they've been lacking feedback - no one seem to care. They also want to hear from the artists and they take requests.'"

"EliteGroup. Herr Weltschaft (also known as Ronny) is now father of Luke, born on November 16, 2000, around 4:00 pm CET."

"Female demosceners. After writing his article on Female Computer Entities for this Hugi issue, Optimus opened a website dedicated to them."

"Hackerland. The authors of Hackerland, a paperback book mainly dealing with the cracker scene (but also mentioning the demoscene and diskmags), Denis Moschitto and Evrim Sen, have published their second book: Hackertales. This one focuses on anecdotes about phreaking and hacking. Besides, they are already working on the third(!), revised edition of Hackerland. Both books have been published by Tropen Verlag, located in Cologne, Germany."

"Hornet. Several ex-members of the ex-group Hornet are planning to put together a demo DVD, covering the PC classics from the beginning to current. Other DVDs covering other platforms (e.g. Amiga) are under consideration. The project will be done with a professional video editing system and a multitude of PC setups (e.g. 386, 486, Pentium). If you are interested, contact the project lead, Trixter."

"Hugi. The complete source code of Hugi 11 and a preliminary Russian edition of Hugi 20 were released. Virtual/Scene joined Hugi as a translator. TAD unfortunately left Hugi Core & Royal Family (read more here and in the diary). Chris Dragan finished the BeOS port of 'Panorama 2', the Hugi interface. Hugi 18 and 19 have been upgraded so that they can be used with this BeOS engine, too. Furthermore, two Hugi Size Coding Competitions were held (see the results)."

"JavaJim, a German netzine on 'pop, culture and lifestyle', has published an article about diskmags and the demoscene."

"Kojote has opened a new site with 60 mb of (mostly scene-related) stuff."

"Merregnon. The Merregnon soundtrack is officially available now; you can order the CD at the related website. The German games magazine 'PC Joker' writes: 'A musical fairy-tale for gamers. Composers of well-known game soundtracks came together for a fantastic music project ... as first conceptional album of this field Merregnon is unique ... despite it's worldwide scattered artists the result is of one piece ... 74 minutes of great acoustic enjoyment'."

"Orange Juice v3 has been launched. Completely redesigned, completely restructured internally. A major change. As a consequence Orange Juice was awarded the CoolSTOP Best of the Cool Award."

"Scene.org is now hosted by the Dutch ISP Freeler, 'with great interconnectivity (1 Gb)'. The main site of the PC demoscene is running stable and fast. News.scene.org is also back, featuring the scene.* groups and a feed of the 'real' Usenet covering all demoscene-related newsgroups."

"Scenery is probably the most complete and comprehensive text-based guide to the Amiga demoscene there is. 2.5 mbytes of text, including the history of the scene from 1986-2000 and descriptions of tons of individual groups and their releases. A really awesome document - a must-read!!"

"Scene Spot is the name of a new community site for the demoscene initiated by Ranger Rick and Coplan, the main editor of Static Line. Currently this site contains a dynamic group database and online-issues of Static Line. New features are planned to be introduced."

"Scenester will be for the scene what Napster is for MP3 freaks. Read Gaffer's announcement in this Hugi issue and check out the Scenester website."

"Scienide got a new homepage - very well-designed and informative. Their first DirectX intro has also been finished."

"Shine. Replay released Shine 8, featuring articles written for Fleur 5 and Demojournal. Thanks to the interface being open-source, all known bugs have been removed meanwhile. A bugfix is available at the same location as the complete magazine, the Shine website."

"Showtime has now got a fine website where you can get information on the individual issues and download them. The latest issue is #15, released in early December 2000. PC users can read it using WinUAE or another emulator."

"Siggraph is one of the largest annual international computer graphics fairs attended by 40,000 representatives of the international industry & academic world. The demo scene is not represented there, but you are encouraged to change that! Read Aancsiid's Call for Participation and his additional article in this Hugi issue to learn more."

"Statix has released a Black and White Dance plug-in for WinAMP."

"Storm Studios finally released the second issue of Cooler e-mag. FatCrazer further says: 'We are preparing Cooler #3. It will feature a new interface by Warhawk/T-rex. The mag is only in Russian, sorry to internatonal sceners. But I will translate the best articles and send them to Hugi. :] Also we are coding some new demos for future parties. And I am willing to attend any foreign party.'"

"TAP released the fourth issue of their German-language diskmag TAP.MAG, subtitled 'Leben in Echtzeit' ('life in real-time'). It features an entirely new engine for Win32 with a plug-in technology that allows the displaying of fine graphics effects in the background of the article window."

"TPOLM. A demo called 'The day the earth was born' was (or will be?) released on 'September 5th, 7000'. Now at the TPOLM website."

"Trauma. Sol's homepage (lots of coding tutorials, source code and also short stories) has been vastly updated and re-designed."

"The Havok is going to be the scene's first Net-radio that does not play music but real information. It is going to deal with topics such as coding, hacking, security, networking, and technology. This ambitious project is surely worth checking out. They of course need contributions to the station, so if you want to get involved & broadcast your views & information, then email them here right away!"

"Web4096. The second round of minimalistic web competitions has started. There are three categories: web-art, Flash art and Java coding art. The size limit for all entries is 4096 bytes. You can submit entries until the end of December 2000."

"WildMag. The German-language diskmag is now 'three issues old'. WildMag 3 features almost 500 kbytes of high-quality articles on technology, short stories, demo parties and tracking."

"Zwischenablage is the name of an e-mag created by students of art at the University of Braunschweig, Germany. It has been inspired by diskmags such as Zine and Hugi. Based on HTML, JavaScript and Flash, it offers a very interesting design. The texts are mostly in German language. Two issues have been released so far. Read them online or download them."