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Credits for this issue
About the artists behind the graphics of this issue
Demoscene - An Introduction for New Readers
Scene on the Internet
Hugi #36 News Corner
What happened 15 issues ago

Front 242 - Music, Demoscene and Beyond
Sneak Preview: Mindcandy 3
Mad Wizards - Looking back with Azzaro
Backstage at the Awards
Group in Focus: Kakiarts

Screen It! - Demo Reviews
CPC in the year 2009
Muffler: from Amiga musician to top DJ Producer
Ukulele style - The Popular Demo
Ten tomato years
Opinion: We Need More Newbies
Copyright and its meaning for the demoscene
The Making of Turbulence
Coding Corner: A blast from the past!
Amiga Scene: Jump into the hole
The Vague - Amiga Diskmag on stage - Part 3
Opinion: Evolve or Die

Encyclopedia Part 1
Encyclopedia Part 2

In Focus: Maq of Floppy & Hard Coders
Netpoet - On a Personal Level
In Focus: Magnar of The Black Lotus
Top Personality: Wade of Alcatraz
An interview with Optimus
Portrait: 4-Mat of Orb & Ate Bit
A friendly chat with T$ of Alcatraz & Scoopex

Datastorm 2010 Party Report
Main 2009 Party Report
Proper demopartying at Kindergarden 2009
Riverwash 2009 Party Report
Syntax 2009 Party Report
GeekCamp IV - Back from the Dead
Breakpoint 2009 - From a Breakpoint TV point of view
Bonus: Breakpoint 2010 Photos

The Last Words to Hugi issue #36
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