Animal Mentality

Fable Fox
Real name: Azhar Mat Zin

And so Adok asks me for HUGI articles. Well, I got good news and bad news. The good news is I'm active. The bad news is, I'm actively writing novels (already finish one, and at 93% for the second one). I'm also actively reading business, self help and psychology books. I also read books on translations, as you can see above. So no IT or technical tuts for this HUGI.

Anyway, I read a book about human behaviours, and when they behave like animals. Some usually drive people around them crazy.

Crab Mentality

The first is Crab Mentality. People say they catch a crab by opening a trap by the side and later closing it. There is nothing funny here, it's when they realize they're trapped that things start getting funny. They can climb on top of each other and the topmost can climb out and help the rest. The problem is, everybody is too busy pulling down the one that is climbing. In the end, everybody gets cooked. No offense, but it seems there are a lot of people like that here in my country. In some country, they look at you and say 'You're not going to be succesful doing that'. Here, they WILL make sure you're not going to be succesful doing it. And by doing so, everybody is screwed. Even if they can choose not to do anything and let you becone succesful, they just can't. They just got to do something and watch you fail. A psychologist said that jealousy and envy were the root of this problem. The reason I mention this mentality as the first is that I have been the target for a large number of times. Some people just can't watch me live on royalty while they have to wake up every morning and meet the boss they hate. They hate to see work on my own time. Well, too bad for them. Other than writing, I'm starting a free lance translation too (English to Malay currently). So I have to battle this type of people day in and day out.

Monkey Mentality

How do you catch a monkey? Easy. Just create a box with a peanut in it - with a small catch. Create an opening that a hand can easily slide in. Why? When the monkey grabs the peanut, the finger becomes a fist and no longer can be pulled out. Of course, they could easily escape by letting the peanut go - but the monkey isn't that smart, or so a lot of human either. You know you're behaving like a monkey when your greed puts you into trouble. Like doing a crime and going into jail. Like going for a shopping spree, and later having a large credit card debt. Moral of the story, if you know it's a trap - let it go.

Turtle Mentality

Turtles are safe when they hide inside thier shell, but in order to move, they have to put their neck out and be vulnerable. Have you seen people prefer to stay at their safe spot that they are not going anywhere? Well, it's how you view it. There is nothing wrong with it, specially when you're at a 'good enough' situation. But people who take risk, well, get rewards. The risk / reward also tied to each other. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. There are times when situations do change, and you better move in order to be safe.

Anyway, that's it for now. I would like to talk more, but I'm in a mood to write a poem... :-)

Fable Fox