HUGI Article Rant

By Fable Fox

I received an e-mail, asking for more articles for HUGI (I already sent two, before my burnout kicked in), and out of curiousity, I went to and read comments regarding HUGI. I never did this before, as I only read comments regarding demos and intros. Two things caught my eye:

1 - Praise for my save game editing tutorials

2 - Bash for my Dark Basic Pro tutorials.

I admit I'm guilty as charged. Save game editing is something I have done for a long time (since Faery Tale days, as you can see). While the DBP, it's something I just purchased a few days ago (at the time of the article), and I wrote it as I learned it. And I admit, it was a little bit short.

Okay, so I do know the nature of Internet comment (YouTube, forum, etc, etc) and should not be taken seriously (unless it's something good about you :-P) but it gets me thinking. Should I write high quality articles for HUGI, or should I write as I want to write?

Please note that writers don't get paid writing for HUGI. And all articles sent get published. And looking at other joke articles, and some serious save the scene ones (heh.. heh..) I realize as long as you have something good to say (or write actually) and share, HUGI is a nice place. Especially looking at the target audience - people that think.

Anyway I went through a lot since the last HUGI. I slowly gave up *gasp* programming *gasp*. I grow up and move into finance. I guess in some countries, IT jobs are being out sourced to other countries. In some other country, people from the other country come and take 75% of the jobs.

I guess the job change is the saddest part of my life. I throw the towel, before having the chance to even go to Assembly, let alone compete there. And I take music as a new hobby. But I will keep on downloading HUGI and demo scene productions there and then.

So I guess I will write more for real life section of HUGI. And once I gain more experience on the music side, I'll write more in the Music section.

PS - The reason why I took music as a new hobby is that right after I watched Future Crew 'Panic' and 'Second Reality', I dabbled in Scream Tracker there and then. But seriously I studied programming.

Bye, and oh, thank for the comments ;-)

Fable Fox