Cruel Jpeg of the Day

Written by CiH

Hello and good evening, gentlethings. For this time around, and because of time and motivation pressures, I felt like doing something a little bit different for issue 34 of Hugi. Yes, laziness is playing a large part in my textual decompositions for this issue!

Quite simply, I'm in a shitty post-Xmas, winter blues mood, so I'm doing a 'cruel' serious of articles this time around, ranging from a retro-review of a couple of piles of steaming 8-bit cack (previously seen in Maggie diskmagazine, but hey, what the heck), through some hardly serious discussions of the cruel origins of some famous internet memes. But firstly we start with this lukewarm adaptation of the Pouet random images thread, with a few beauties grabbed and kept at random. These include some piccies that I managed to photograph all by myself. This shows that the randomness, and indeed the cruelty of life is under your nose, if you care to look a bit more closely for it.

There may well be comments underneath some of these, depends how nasty I'm feeling!

And here is the first one, this unfortunate individual went through the thrills of faux-plummeting to a certain face-smashy death in a ravine, only to be stopped at the very last second by a long bit of stringy elastic. Not everything stopped at the same time though. Careful viewers might note that his bowels weren't connected to the rational and conscious bit of the brain that knew he wasn't going to come to any harm really! Extreme sports bods, gotta love 'em, and also gotta laugh at their little accidents!

This was one which I actually found in our local hospital recently. I guess the poster designer has not had their brand new shiny copy of the internets, and all the strange and scarey 'goaty' stuff that can be found on it just yet?

Another one, off the back of a bus, that was found by me in the real world, such as it is. I can confidently answer the reason why the badly-drawn cartoon boy in the picture is not getting laid, it is because he is such a badly drawn cartoon boy! If he looks like anything, it could be an older version of Butters out of South Park?

I didn't take this one, good job too, or I would have been sorely tempted to punch the sad whackjob repeatedly, screaming "She's been dead for ten years! Get over it and get a fucking life!" I bet he believes that M15, the royal family, the freemasons, and giant AIDS-carrying space-stoats from outer space all conspired to do away with "The princess of all our hearts", and will not ever realise that it wasn't the case.

I did take this one though! Kind of worrying when there is a sufficient demographic of the kind of people who go blubbing off in the picture immediately before this one, for major bookstores to give them their own shelf in the bookstore! I hope there is some kind of central record being kept of the people who buy this bilge, so they can be 'got out of harms way' at some future date. I for one, welcome our despotic but discriminating on grounds of good taste overlords!

Ok, that's all for this time around, unless you want me to load the filesize of to something unfeasible? I guess you do!? Well tough, I've run out of the really good pictures for now anyway.

CiH - Hugi 34, Feb '08