The Very Last Words of Hugi #34

Written by Magic of Nah-Kolor

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke.


Phew! We done it! Again... And this time, in all objectivity, I think we released the best issue till date!

The creation of Hugi #34 started right after Hugi Special Edition #3 was released at the end of August 2007. Slowly the preview of Hugi #34 evolved. After Block Party (Hugi #33) and Riverwash party (Hugi Special Edition #3) we again chose a somewhat smaller party to release Hugi on. To tell you the truth we first aimed for a Breakpoint 2008 release, but the development of Hugi #34 didn't have any real problems and was done more quickly than anticipated. The promised support came rolling in from time to time and Hugi #34 just grew and grew. This was really a good sign and gave us a lot of motivation. Not in the last place for my own article writing as this didn't go that bad either :) All in all it was decided somewhere down the line to release Hugi#34 at the Oxyron 2008 party held in Flensburg / Germany, which starts at the 22nd and ends on the 24th of February 2008.

I noticed that sceners, when asked, have the intention to do something, however the free time for it is really a disadvantage the demoscene could live without. This also counts for diskmags which rely on support from other sceners. As the demoscene and its inhabitants are only growing older and older the spare time per scener becomes limited.

Pieces of a Timeline

The average age of a demoscener is reaching new heights! Discovering computers in our childhood and setting our first steps in the direction that formed the digital culture in which we are breathing now. Moving towards our student years to find yourself already on your first job while moving on your own somewhere down the line, before or after. Sceners start living together with the ones they love, get married and are having children. Recognize all these turning points in one's life? A lot of sceners have faded away from actively participating in our demoscene somewhere in between. Some sceners return in one way or another to disappear again in thin air. Demoscene groups grow olders. Some celebrate even their 20th anniversary even. The scene is in the blood of many oldskool sceners for sure...

As everybody knows students are the sceners with the most free time available for the demoscene. Value them as they most likely contribute the most to the demoscene, in time anway. However, I dare state that the average demoscener's age is expanding to a new climax. I wonder if this could result in less visitors at demoscene parties, after all you can't leave your family behind all the time or party the rest of your lives. For some the demoscene is a lifestyle, including visiting demoparties on a regular basis. Others just participate from their home using the Internet while a lot of sceners are just looking and lurking around. Participating from time to time and neglecting the scene in general. Every scener is participating on his own level in the scene and invests different amounts of time. It's facinating to think about how the demoscene can and will evolve, when, as in my case, someone has already been monitoring the demoscene since the late 80's. What will my own role be as a whole anyway by the way? :)

Please try to remember that this is just a demoscene magazine. Opinions are aired, sometimes even written in a hard way but please don't take it personal. Thank you :) If you like and you find inspiration after reading an article or the urge to react on it write us a reply article on it for the next issue of Hugi. I think that the last couple of issues Hugi has proven to be a worthy diskmagazine in today's demoscene. The small clique of sceners who can't let bygones be bygones should finally look in the mirror and judge in all objectivity. Accept it guys we won't break under your non-funded and sometimes personal reactions. You are just spoiling it for others.

Thank you...

Looking at the credits of Hugi#34, Adok did all formatting of the articles, sometimes a translation was needed. But Hugi#34 is entirely made by sceners either on their own initiative or on our request to help out. Without all those nice sceners who are willing to answer our questions, make a review, write an article, compose music, help out with graphics or support in any other way Hugi #34 could not have been made. I hereby want to thank you all! For a detailed overview you can read the credits in the welcome section or take a peak in the .NFO of Hugi #34. However, I want to pick out a few sceners in this last words article anyway:

- Tascha, your fabulous and high-quality paintings will certainly impress the demoscene, I am sure. Thank you for them!

- 2Tall (formerely known as Alvin/Nah-Kolor) and Wade, thank you for your nice e-mails and your articles after many years of not writing a single article for the demoscene.

- Duckers, Traymuss, KeyJ, Navis, Siatek, Madbart, thanks for helping out!

- An unnamed scener for doing some translations (you know who you are)

- Chromag, please don't wank after boozing at Oxyron :) Thank you for your opening track and delivering and spreading it at the Oxyron party!

- Adok, it's always nice to work together on a new issue of Hugi. Keep up the editing as I hate to do this :)

- Finally, everybody else I forgot! The list is to long to mention you all in person.

In Closing

My origin on the demoscene is the Commodore 64 but especially the Amiga. From about 2004 till today I have really been into the PC demoscene. This last words article is dedicated to my Amiga period and thus I inserted a nice overview of really old Amiga demos and two photos of my 3,5" Amiga diskbox with a lot of old scene stickers on it. I recovered the diskbox in my home last year where it was packed away :) Enjoy them! It's been my honour and I would like to say and until the next time!

Yours Sincerely,

Magic of Nah-Kolor

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