Written by Adok/Hugi

Hi there,

Ten months have passed since Hugi #33, Zine has just released their #13 Headlines intro and we're back with another full issue. We've made an effort to present you interesting articles in a nicely designed environment. You can read in this issue about parties, groups, individuals and productions that have played a role in the PC demo scene in 2007 - 2008. In addition, we have interviews with several oldskool sceners and a special guest, Al Lowe. There is a small coding corner, a literature corner and a corner about miscellaneous things related to computers and life. In total it's 1 MB of texts this time.

News from inside the Hugi staff: Chris Dragan has become a father. His daughter Rosalia was born in July of 2007. Also Polaris has become a father; his wife got twins in November of 2007. By the way, read an interview with Polaris' wife Michelle in the article "The woman behind the demoscener" in this issue of Hugi! DiamonDie has got a new website. It's located at www.fiikus.net. Fiikus is the Finnish word for the ficus plant.

I've recently made some pedagogical effort. Some of you might have read the discussion at Pouet. I wanted to write a programming tutorial for elementary school pupils, and I first started writing a tutorial for Java. After I had already finished the first chapter, many people objected that Java was too complicated for elementary school kids and suggested that Basic would be the best language for children this age. I had already written a QBasic tutorial years ago, and I thought it might be suitable for elementary school children as I was only 12 years old myself when I wrote that tutorial. But as QBasic isn't included with computers any more - it was included in MS-DOS 5 and higher versions, but it's not been included any more since Windows 95 -, I searched for a free alternative and found Creative Basic. I rewrote my tutorial so that it is compatible with Creative Basic, and I created both a German and an English version of it. You can find them at my homepage hugi.scene.org/adok in the Computers section. It also includes the link where to download Creative Basic. If you have elementary school age children in your family, it would be interesting to test the tutorial with them. I'm looking for feedback so that I can adapt the tutorial and make it more compatible with elementary school kids. The purpose of the tutorial is to make the childen problem solvers, as programming is bascially problem solving, and boost their intelligence. Children should learn programming with this tutorial at home in their spare time. Teachers need not do anything but motivate them.

Now then, enjoy reading and send us your feedback, and articles for issue 35!

Oh, and before I forget: Press 0 to switch off the music before clicking a Youtube link inside Hugi.