Demo Sourcecode List

By Adok/Hugi

Most of the following are links to sources of demos or demo-related products (e.g. intros, games) for Windows. Some for Linux, and a few are for platforms that can be emulated on PC, such as Game Boy, C64 or Amiga. I take no warranty for anything.

1234565 (eL)
64k Intro (VIEP)
A Bloody Big Fish! (Equinox)
aave (eL)
Amoeba (Excess)
anruf aus schweden (unik)
Arise (Stravaganza)
Art (Farbrausch and Scoopex)
B-Clopd 3D
Boring noiseprod (A 4k by slack/Necrostudios)
Cafre (Stravaganza)
close your eyes (IJSKAST)
Code Segment Wonder Land 256 (256b intro by miURA) -1*2 (eL) 1 (eL)
Decadentia (Stravaganza)
Euskal 11 Inv (Stravaganza)
Expiration (Peon)
finske delfiner
First Dream
first try
freenode irc #demoscene 4k compo source code list
GBC Intro Collection
Hugi 11 Engine Sourcecode
Kro Sprite
ks01:deleted intro (Knights' Storm)
Mekka &emp; Symposium 2000 invitation (Farbrausch)
One Day Miracle
Perec (Umlaut Design)
r08080 (Stravaganza)
Schtroumpf2 (knights)
Space Delirium (Syn[Rj])
Space Waste (Octarine)
Square win32 (Pulse)
State of mind (Bomb!)
stoerfall ost (Freestyle)
TDMC5 Invitation Source (tAAt)
Tesla (Sunflower)
The Fulcrum (Matrix)
Timeless (Tran)
tom thumb (bluespoon)
Turrican 3 (Smash Designs)
Viagra win32 (Mewlers)
VIP 2 (Popsy Team) - alternative link
white (eL)
words (eL)
Yuri Nation (macaw)
Traction - ante dominum, fiat homo, indigo, its full of stars
Nesnausk - in.out.side, dingus 3d engine: the shell has a directory with source codes. Some of its contents have already been mentioned, but there are more, and new ones arrive from time to time.

Feel free to notify me of new source code releases so that I can add them to this list! Thanks to everybody who contributed some links.