Hugi #34 News Corner

Edited by Adok and Magic

Brainstorm expands

After the the joining of the two legendary sceners Facet and Pride in 2007 Brainstorm has just recently announced that Skaven/Future Crew has joined the ranks of Brainstorm. Skaven worked on the game Max Payne and now is working on the Alan Wake game.

Lazur Website -

The known Polish graphics artist Lazur has a new website. You can find it at Most of his demoscene work can be watched online as well as a lot of non-demoscene graphics such as animations, banner ads, icons, wallpapers and computer games graphics.

No-Copy English Version

This is the English version of "No-Copy" the movie, inspired by the German book with the same title by Jan Krömer and Evrim Sen, about Warez and the development of "The Scene".

Youtube video

No-Copy website

The Party 1993 video on Youtube

This huge video coverage of The Party 1993 (Herning, Denmark) gives you a unique insight on one of the biggest demoscene parties of the early demoscene. Hugi hopes that this video will be on youtube for ever. This video was found on youtube by Magic/Hugi-staff and not yet communicated on the different demo scene websites out there. Have a nice time watching this!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


The core of GUSemu32 was integrated in the official QEMU in January. You need not manually include the patch any more. The CVS version already contains the GUSemu, ready binaries and versions for other operating systems will follow.

Lackluster news

At Youtube, you can find all kinds of intros and demos distance/lackluster made music for, including distance/lackluster videos and some livegigs. Lots of Replay and Calodox demos and intros etc. In addition to that, distance started his demodiscography.


The hi-fi version of the reTracked #1 release, a musicdisk with remakes of popular classic tracker modules, is available at (pure uncompressed Wave PCM 44.1/16). They're looking for musicians to join the reTracked Team and participate in the upcoming reTracked #2 release. If you're keen on tracker music and feel capable of making pro-quality musical remakes of old tracker modules, contact the project author, Alex Radzishevsky: webauthor {at} websound {dot} ru.

Fulcrum looking for graphician

Fulcrum is still looking for a graphician or a 3D artist. Applications can be sent to

DiamonDie's new website

DiamonDie's new website is located at

Kefrens, they never left.

The old Amiga group Kefrens is working on new releases. Mellica, Razmo, Metallion and Analog X64 are trying to produce some old-school stuff on the Amiga 500 for fun. Hugi hopes that the mighty Ankh will show his face on the big-screen at Breakpoint 2008 and wishes all involved all the best. For more information see