What happened 15 issues ago

Hugi #19 was released in April of 2000. Some of the news from this issue:

" Haujobb have released an Amiga invitation demo at Mekka & Symposium advertising for their new webproject Back to the Roots. Currently this site is under construction, but it seems that it will become interesting to sceners of all kinds of computer platforms."

" Orange. Some weeks ago Ghandy received the news that Lemming has left Orange in order to join Dual Crew Shining from Evan of DCS and Nah-kolor. However, this is not true. Lemming comments: 'This is total bullshit. I have never in any circumstance for any reason been joining DCS and definitely not leaving Orange! It's just a rumor with no basis.'"

" Talent are currently working on the PC conversion of The Official Eurochart, one of the oldest chartsmags for the Amiga. You can already register as a voter and read a preview issue. The first real issue will be released in June 2000 and be HTML based. Talent's group site has also moved onto the new domain."

" CFXweb. The CFXweb Demo and Game Development site, run by Civax, moved to its own domain and changed its focus from news to programming-related articles."

" Haujobb. Haujobb's coder genius Droid reports: 'Jessika got fucked by Sixpack/Haujobb on The Party 9 (maybe there will be next generation sceners in Haujobb after nine months?)'"

" Independent Magsite. The Swiss Scene Server now hosts a website focussing on diskmags. Here you can find reviews of Pain, Shine, Demojournal and Hugi, as well as information on their history and archives of all their issues."

" Inprise released the compiler of Borland C++ 5.5 for free. It can now be legally downloaded at the Borland homepage. You just have to submit your personal information and fill in a survey to get it. Note that it's only the compiler, no IDE."

" Microsoft. The latest version of the Microsoft Macroassembler is available on the Net for free as a part of the MS Windows 98 Driver Development Kit."

" Nah-kolor The new, modernized website of the mainly Polish/Dutch Amiga/PC demogroup Nah-kolor is online."

" Nextempire. The Nextempire website was totally redesigned by Kowboy."

" Padua are the new owners of the scene-central.com domain, which hosted Comic Pirates' scene portal Network from 1998-1999. A new scene portal may appear here in summer 2000." It sill hasn't appeared...

" Paragon 5 (a game company owned by Pyromaniac of Beyond) released the first music disk for the Game Boy, featuring music from Mystical, Beek of AA, and Reptile of Astroidea, also featuring art from Snake Grunger, code by RV, and organizational splender by Pyromaniac. Available on their website."

" Planet is a new chartsmag by Agravedict. You can download its first issue at alpha64.org."

" Planet-X. Jay aka Planet-X, known for his commercial success with music he ripped from demoscene musicians, is honoured by a long article on him. The article was written by Grendel of Byterapers, a professional journalist working for Finland's and Scandinavia's largest computer-related magazine, Mikrobitti. As a result of the article Jay took off his page from the net and replaced it with a note on 'irresponsible internet journalism'."

" SceneCity. Anhk and Sacrilege of the scene portal SceneCity are working on a new diskmag with "great interviews" and "great surprises". It was originally planned for April but delayed due to lack of articles." And it was never released...

" Slengpung is Sixpack of Haujobb's new archive with photos of many scene parties."