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Credits & Legal Stuff
Hugi #34 - Behind the Graphics
Hugi #34 - Behind the Music
Quick Reference - How to control Hugi
Hugi Interface User Guide
Demo Scene - A Quick'n'Dirty Introduction


From the inside and out: Outracks - You make it, you read it!
20th birthday - Scoopex Restarted?
Sneak preview: Freax volume 2
96k Game Round Table
Alcatraz - After the Rebirth

General Articles - Behind The Demoscene Server
Demoscene Podcasts
Pouet victim of its own philosophy?
A journey into the Commodore 64 demoscene of today
4Sceners, the German demoscene portal
The woman behind the demoscener
The Polish Demoscene Quo Vadis?
The Amiga Scene - Current and future state
The Scene is in our Blood
The Vague, A New Amiga Diskmag Is Born - Part II
Text Mode Demo Compo - Retrospective
The importance of moral support
How to make a demo?
A Nostalgic Rememberance
Demoscene Outreach Tour 2007
The "hifi" and "lofi" of demos
Fearmoths – The Untold Story
Column: s7ing of Alcatraz


Al Lowe / Leisure Suit Larry
Audiomonster of Melon Design
Biter of Futuris
Crown / Amiga Music Preservation
Ghandy of Scarab, Moods Plateau and Deviance
H2O of Paradox, Rebels, TRSI and Alcatraz
Jörg Winterstein / Hurrican
Moby of Nooon & Sanity
Navis of Andromeda Software Development
Ultra of Orb


Assembly 2007 Party Report
Assembly 2007 - Roadtrip!
Assembly 2007 Results
The Alternative Party 2007 Report
The Alternative Party 2007 Results
Riverwash 2007 Party Report
Riverwash 2007 Results
The Ultimate Meeting 2007 Report
The Ultimate Meeting 2007 Results
Function 2007 Party Report
Function 2007 Results
Block Party 2007 Report
Block Party 2007 Results

Demoscene News

Hugi #34 News Corner
What happened 15 issues ago


Screen it! - Demo Reviews Part 1
Screen it! - Demo Reviews Part 2
Making of Malewitsch and Ferner
Noise Demos - A Story of Love and Hatred
Diskmags Galore
Sceen #2 review
CPC in the year 2007
Immortal 3 CD Review
Scene and Linux
Artist meets open source


The Angel I Know
The Fall of Ronald the Wonder Wizard
Requiem for Mowers
Lessons for flying and diving (a drabble)
Spring and summer haiku

Coding Corner

On looking deeper into gm.dls, wtf
Reaction-Diffusion Texture Generation on GPU
Plugin Architecture for Demo Systems, and not only
XNA Game Studio Tutorial


"More Brain Training" reviewed
Animal Mentality
A Tip for all you Skinny Nerds
Publishing a book for dummies
HUGI Article Rant
Mysteries of Time
Recumbent Bikes
Massive sceners' down under expatriation
Cruel Jpeg of the Day
Cruel Memes!
Cruel Retroviews!


Scene On The Internet
Demo Sourcecode List
Competitions for the scener

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The Very Last Words of Hugi #34