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Stuffed Vegetables (A cook recipe by EP)

This succulent recipe can be prepared with these kinds of vegetables: courgette / zucchini, tomato, aubergine / eggplant, potato. The recipe is for 6 persons. 45 mins preparation, 45 mins baking, 10 mins rest before eating.

I) What you need


• burnproof plate with twice the vegetables • a sharp knife
• a big food bowl • a big spoon
• a small cutting board • a fork
• a garlic presser • (not shown) a gaz or electrical traditional hoven


• any oil but olive • a hand of basmati rice
• 4 courgettes • 200 g of persley
• 6 bio barned eggs • half of a garlic pod
• 2 eggplants • 1,2 kg sausage meat (pork)
• 9 tomatoes • salt and pepper if you need it only

II) Preparation


• cut the persley in really small parts and add peeled pressed garlic

• put the pork, salt and pepper, 3 big spoons of oil, basmati rice, on the bowl

• turn and mix the whole to get an homogeneous result, let's rest half an hour

The half an hour rest is to ensure rice drinks oil and water from the stuffing: Use that time to prepare the vegs.


  • water wash vegetables
  • get rid of the ends of courgettes and eggplants
  • cut courgettes, eggplants and potatoes horizontally in two balanced parts
  • take tomatoes upside down and cut them horizontally just at 1/5 of the height
  • throw away the inside of cut vegetables: keep only the hard parts
  • peel and make a big hole for the stuffing on potatoes
  • lay down vegetables the empty side looking to the ceiling on the plates


Put the stuffing in the scooped out vegetable with the spoon, and put some oil over the stuffed vegs.

Put to oven at maximum temperature for 45 mins. Ensure after 25 mins that everything is OK.

Stop when baked enough and wait 10 mins because it's HOT!!!

Bon appétit.