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Banker Probability Math Quiz (By Fable Fox)

NOTE: I'm not a gambler and do not support or condone gambling. I'm not good at math either. I do not have the answer to this problem, this is why I write it here, in HUGI magazine. Looking at Adok's math challenges, it looks like there's a lot of genius mathematicians reading HUGI.

A long long time ago (last year), I worked at a car wash and I had a supervisor whose wife loved to gamble. He talked about how his wife was gambling when there's no cars coming in. I heard about Banker. It's a very simple gambling technique. The person handling the gambling will shuffle the card and put four cards on the table, two for the player and two for the banker. All the player does is pick which might will have the highest value: the banker or the player. There's a bet. For example if the player bet 50, if he ends up picking correctly he will get 100, but if he made a mistake he will lose that 50. I don't know why you lose 50 but might get 100, that is what my supervisor told me. If both, the player and the banker had the same value, like 4+3 and 5+2, in which both equal to 7, the player loses.

NOTE: All cards are played, so we have four of the same face value cards.

The questions are....

1. What is the probability, in percentage, of the player having a bigger value than the banker?

2. What is the probability, in percentage, of the banker having a bigger value than the player?

3. What is the probability, in percentage, of both banker and player having the same value?

While the trick question is.....

If you bet on a dice, your probability of winning is one in six. What is the probality of winning in:

a) Russian roulette (the thing you pick a number, and a ball roll inside something round - if I'm correct).

b) Getting 4 of the same picture in a slot machine.

Is the probality of the Banker winning 50% - (draw probability)? This is because you in the end only have to choose either the banker or player, you will still lose for a draw (both have the same value).


While I don't have the exact figures, it looks like you have the biggest chance of winning by playing Banker compared to the other type of gambling. So, dear math experts, enjoy yourself. Just don't lose your money or marbles ;-P

Send the solution to HUGI to keep the diskmag alive! And save the reader's $$$! After all, people tend to shy away after knowing their chance of winning is small...

- Fable Fox,