Hugi Magazine 32: Say It With Flowers

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The Wake-Up Call (Written By TAD)

Chapter 45: Exit

Life did not have an 'undo' option or a trash can to get rid of all the junk and mistakes you have made. He was a fool. He wanted so much to become a face, to get respect and become someone to be feared, but that meant killing, not just once or twice but whenever someone threatened your turf.

"Consequences", said Mewco.

That was another piece of advice he remembered in his dead boss's office when he begged for his first delivery job.

"Consequences. You have to live with the consequences."

Hetch looked down at his shaking hand and didn't recognise it. His breathing was heavy and difficult. He told himself he wasn't afraid of the truckers outside, he was afraid of consequences.

"Let say you kill someone by accident in a street fight," Mewco had continued, "Before you know it someone is trying to snuff you in revenge, then you take him out with knife. The next one comes with a gun so you assemble a little welcome party and before you know it a turf war starts."

Hetch wished he could go back and warn himself about the consequences.

"Are you sure you are up to this job, kido?" Mewco asked with a sadistic grin.

"Babysitting a metal case across to the next city?" he asked.

"It's that easy?"

"People make things complicated"

"And you kido, you can keep everything simple, right?"

"Yes. Do you want me to take the case or not Mewco?"

"Listen, I have a queue of losers outside all wanting to earn a few credits so why should I give them to you?"

"I can do this!"

Mewco slid the metal case across the table and patted the lid with his hand.

"This is a valuable cargo. Do you understand? There are no fuck ups and no mistakes."

"I understand"

"This case doesn't leave your side. You don't eat, sleep or take a piss without it"

Hetch nodded and reached out to take the case.

Mewco twisted Hetch's hand over, pulled his thumb almost back to the wrist and leaned across the desk

"Try to cross me and I will send someone to hunt you down."

"I won't be a problem Mewco"

"I know, I know, kid."

Mewco released the thumb and placed a number of unknown pills on the case lid.

"You look like shit, take them."

"I don't need them"

"You will. How long since you got any sleep?"

"A day"

Even through Mewco's tired, drug coated eyes he could see Hetch was lying and he wasn't any good at it.

"Sure." Said Mewco pushing the case with the pills on top towards Hetch.

"Still want to be a courier?"