Hugi Magazine 32: Say It With Flowers

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Editorial (Written By Adok/Hugi)

Sometimes green is called the colour of life. From a spaceship, the parts of our "blue" planet which are inhabited by mammals appear mostly green. Forests and grasslands are the territorities where this colour dominates. Some species mostly live by eating this green grass. What a plush grassland is for a cow, is Hugi 32 - Say It With Flowers for a demo scener: a rich landscape full of nutritive goods.

Hugi #32 was released about nine months after the previous issue. On August 1st, 2006, it came to Earth in order to provide sceners all over the world with fresh vitamins and minerals.

Officially, this issue is an Assembly 2006 release. In the 15th year without a break, Abyss of Future Crew and his friends are organizing the biggest scene-related event worldwide. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the Hugi Magazine itself has also recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Therefore, a history article "Ten Years of Hugi - A Retrospective View" has been included in this Hugi issue.

What else is to be mentioned here? First, after a long, long break, we've got charts in this issue again. 31 people have voted, which is exactly the minimum number of voters we decided would be necessary so that publishing the charts would be justified. We'll continue having charts in Hugi, and in the next issue, there are going to be more categories than ever - 35 (thirty-five) in total. The voting form for Hugi #33 is attached in the magazine archive (vote!h33.txt). As an alternative, you can also vote online. Of course you need not fill in all categories - just pick the ones you like to fill in.

Second, TAD's science-fiction story "The Wake-Up Call" is finally ending in this Hugi issue. The first two chapters of the story about the lowlife-criminal Hetch, his big enemy Mewco and the McKaff brothers were published in Hugi #16 seven (!) years ago. Now in this Hugi issue, you're going to read the final chapters 42 to 46. I need not wish that you shall have fun - you will most certainly have fun.

Now I'd like to thank everybody who has actively contributed to this Hugi issue. All of your names are listed in the Hall of Fame (credits). There are a couple of persons which I'd like to explicitely mention here in this editorial as well: First of all, I'd like to express my sincere thanks to Magic for our close cooperation in the last two and a half weeks before the release of this issue. He has been very active getting other people to contribute, contributing himself and providing feedback on my work; we mailed each other every day, and in the last days before the release of this issue, I sent him a daily update of the current state of Hugi. Magic, your commitment has been great! Let's keep up this cooperation for a longer time!

Moreover, I'd like to thank the people who voluntarily proofread some articles and thus took over some of my chores, which had the effect that I gained more time for writing my own articles and making the design of this issue more perfect: noouch, The Heavyweight, fuguru hakku, MadMax and Fashion who provided her expertise as a student of photography about one of the articles in this issue. Finally, I'd also like to express my amazement at Critikill for his clean and fast working on the background picture; it took him less than an hour to create the wonderful background you're seeing now (though of course it's based on earlier works of his; you may have noticed that the flowers are the same as in the opening picture, which was also made by him. So it's not been created from scratch in just an hour, but still, it's impressive IMHO).

What's happened inside the Hugi Core? Well, first of all, Polaris has been accepted as an official member - welcome, Polaris! Second, as none of our members is attending school any more, one could report interesting things about each of our members' lives. Here's just a bit of information:

CoaXCable has completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in "Public Municipality & Managing". Now he's pursuing yet another B.A., this time in "Social Work". His students party has won the latest students council elections. - Living in Israel, CoaXCable exposed to dangerous threats every day, and once he had really great luck not to be hit by a terrorist attack at his neighbourhood.

Chris Dragan is still developing software, just like iliks, who has climbed up the career ladder a bit (previously, he was working as a technical writer). Polaris is also working in the information technology industry, and SacRat is designing graphical user interfaces for a living. Magic is still working at an insurance company, while DiamonDie is writing articles for various Finnish magazines.

Having passed my pharmacology exam on July 14th, 2006, I am about to enter the third and final phase of my medical studies. In addition, I'm continuing my studies in computer science, which are quite advanced as well: I've already completed about 80 % of my B.Sc. degree; only 10 exams and a thesis project still have to be done. The decision if I'll continue studying computer science for a Master's degree is yet to be made, but probably I won't do so before graduating from medicine.

Okay guys and gals, now I wish that you enjoy reading! For new readers: Press F1 for a list of commands.