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Preview: Mindcandy 2 DVD (Written By Crest)

After a very long time the release of 'Mindcandy 2: Amiga demos' is near. This preview DVD gives you a well done first impression about the final product. The preview features 4 Amiga demos from the early and mid 90s ('9 fingers' by Spaceballs, for example) and as a newer demo 'perfect circle' by The Black Lotus. There is at least one 'easter egg' (hint: the ramdisk). A must-have not only for Amiga sceners!

This freely downloadable DVD comes without a cover or booklet. The DVD menu looks like the Amiga Workbench 1.3 and instead of a background music you'll listen to the emulated floppy drive sound. But note that the menu in the final product will look completly different (and there will be surely music). For 3 of the 5 demos it was partly needed to use an emulator or to kick the demo at all. In the final product there is only one more demo for which an emulator was used. Trixter has had a damn hard time with the capturing process, but the result looks and sounds simply great.

Mindcandy 2 is mainly made to be watched on a TV set. The preview is available in PAL and NTSC format. You can select any single demo from the Workbench menu, play them randomly or you can create a playlist in the jukebox (of course this makes more sense with the final product). The only special feature is a teaser about a video portrait of a well known scene party: Breakpoint. The video and audio quality are just perfect. A crisp and sharp picture with an excellent contrast at any time. You can clearly see how much work was put into this DVD. In the audio setup you can switch between the original Amiga sound or a 5.1 remix for the ultimate sound experience. Or you can listen to the English audio commentary. After watching the preview you probably can't await the final product :-)

Mindcandy 2 preview - Download PAL or NTSC versions at