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Worldcharts - The Comeback (Written by Magic of Nah-kolor)


The Worldcharts are bound to make a comeback soon on PC & Amiga. The last issue was number 15. It was released under the flag of The Silents, Scoopex & Hoodlum on PC in December 2002. The Amiga version was released in March 2003. Now, in the form of issue 16, a brand new issue of the Worldcharts should come in 2006. This time it is going to be released by Deviance, Scoopex and Fairlight!

History of Worldcharts

The very first issue of the Worldcharts was released by the legendary group Future Crew on the PC. Strange enough from issue 2 Worldcharts moved to the Amiga. Issues 2 and 3 were released by a group called Jump, issue 4 by a group called Model.

Scoopex did issues 5 - 8. Issue 9 was released by The Silents. After that, Hoodlum took over and hosted issues 10 - 13. The last two issues 14 and 15 were released by The Silents, Scoopex & Hoodlum. Issue 14 by the way was also released on the good, old Commodore 64 by a group called Creators.

The comeback of the Worldcharts

If I recall correctly, I heard in the end of 2005 that Darkus, a scener whom I had known for a long time, had joined Deviance and was going to work on a new issue of the Worldcharts. At Breakpoint 2006 I saw an advert of the Worldcharts on the bigscreen (see photo). Also a website was set up for sceners to cast their votes online. Hugi talked to Hobby1 of division0, the coder who is doing the code for the Worldcharts. I asked him what we could expect of the new Worldcharts.

Hobby1: "I don't really know yet :) It may be done quite quickly ... or not :) And then it needs some writers and the articles should be done quite a short time before the mag is released so they won't get too outdated." That sounds ambitious. On the other hand, with all these online websites about the demoscene, are sceners still waiting for a chart? Hobby1: "I don't know :) The main goal of the chart is to get votes for best group or scener etc. But it's also ok to get a point of view of some people who have known the scene for a long time or to get a party report or photos." So there will be a mag section as well? Hobby1: "Yes, with articles etc."

That's great to hear. It sounds like The Eurochart (see review of issue 48 somewhere else in this issue of Hugi) is getting a competitor! Hugi found out who are the main sceners who are working on the new Worldcharts at this moment. "The graphics should be done mostly by Bridgeclaw and the music by various Deviance members. Maybe h2o of Deviance will also participate," Hobby1 tells us and continues: "Bridgeclaw, h2o and maybe Raist and Gopher for the intro, various muscians, Vigo and h2o for the vote system and Ghandy and Darkus for articles and management stuff. This should be it for the main staff :)" Quite an impressive list. As Ghandy is also behind Jurassic Pack he can handle the job very well I think. The same goes for Darkus who has also been involved in demoscene diskmags for years.

Very recently I spoke to Darkus of Deviance and he could tell me this: "Yeah, Worldcharts is still going ahead. Fairlight is working with us on Worldcharts as Deviance and Scoopex merged as groups to become one." That sounds really nice. A new cooperation between two groups! We certainly look forward to a new issue of Worldcharts for sure!

The release of Worldcharts issue 16?

So when will the new issue of Worldcharts see the light of the day, we ask Hobby1? "Hopefully in September," he concludes. Hugi hopes to read it in September than, or at least some time later on this year. In the meantime if you haven't voted yet, browse to:

Magic of Nah-kolor