Hugi Magazine 32: Say It With Flowers

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X - 2006 Party Invitation.

THE 100% C=64 Party You arent allowed to miss!

Organized by: Success & The Ruling Company, Xenon & Silicon Limited

For the 8th time we welcome you to another X party weekend among the cows for the 5th time in a lonely corner of The Netherlands

On 13, 14 and 15 of October we will open the old country track to the farm and give you :


The X parties have gained their place in C64 history, the X partys are the oldest party to date and welcomes a steady number of visitors, or better put, X residents. They are a mixture of sceners, from old farts to new school, from coders to crackers coming from all regions of the world. The X is not your average copy party but meant as a weekend with your friends with free drinks and free food.

As in earlier editions the concept will be the same, although we are every year looking for improved ingredients to a successful recipe. Once again X-2006 will be a pure C64 only event. PC's, laptops and PDA's are not allowed at the partyplace unless you have 'em hooked up as a slave for your superior C64 equipment ofcourse.

Last time we had an X-first by presenting a magnificent live act by Goto80 on saturday night, add to that an unrivalled sid compo and 'sid dancing' was born. So what will this year bring? More musical live acts on stage to add even more 'sid dancing' phenomenon on saturday and if possible Friday night. So, who's gonna be on stage then? Well, the complete program will be published in due time, but right now we have a confirmed performance by one of the greatest dutch composers ever. Next to that we will transfer audio equipment from one of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam to Ruurlo to make sure that even the cows go crazy at our 3 channel sids!!

The voting system and voting in general has been up for debate ever since charts were invented. X voting has always been done by juries, but we feel that it's time for a change. This year we will switch to public voting, we are working on a system to guarantee honest voting.

The X-2006 includes amongst others:

C64 Demo, Graphics and Music competitions on a Big Screen

Free alcoholic drinks (beer)

Free non-alcoholic drinks (coffee, tea, soda)

Free dinner on friday and saturday

Free breakfast

Clean showers

A reserved bed for you to sleep in

Several C64 game compos on a Big Screen (i.e. International Karate+)

Live acts and performances (Jeroen Tel will perform live this year at the X party !)

A snack corner

X-2006 will be, as always, a non-commercial event, the entrance fee will be slightly higher than other parties : € 65,- (it is a single price for men and women and applies to friday and saturday).

Although our location got expanded there still is a limited amount of 200 beds we can offer. Therefore we urge you to make your personal reservations now! X-98, X-2000,X-2001 and X-2004 were completely sold out !

The only things you need to bring are :

Sleeping bag (if you plan on sleeping).

Proper party attitude !

See you in October 2006 The Organizers

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