Hugi Magazine 32: Say It With Flowers

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G E E K C A M P   I I   R E S U L T S


    1. "FMG (Fick Mein Gehirn)" by SquoQuo                  PC Demo        75
    2. "Lochfrass 64b" by T$                                PC 64b Intro   66
    3. "Premium Firsttro Gold" by Bitbreaker of Goldvotze   C64 Demo       60
    4. "Kackvotze regiert" by Kackvotze                     PC Demo        38
    5. "Dem Südländer seiner Mudder sein Demo" by Drago     C64 Demo       23
          of Kackvotze

    1. "Pumpe/Düse EP" by jco                               Streaming      75
    2. "Nie wieder" by scamp                                Streaming      67
    3. "Peaceful Hooligan" by Hopper of SquoQuo             Streaming      61
    4. "Frust" by ddeml                                     Streaming      44
    5. "Swallow The Geek" by CorDharel                      Streaming      39

    1. "Unterdrücker der Menschheit" by D.Fox of Digital Overflow          73
          and Fashion of Vacuum & SDS
    2. "Blömsche" by mbb of tum & SDS                                      45
    3. "Schlüpferstürmer 1500 Meter über dem Meeresspiegel"                43
          by qqw of mut & SDS
    4. "Goldquelle" by Arschkrampe of KarlsquellServiss                    39

    1. "Unser Wohnzimmer" by Fashion of Vacuum & SDS                       86
    2. "Don't kill me" by ddeml                                            50
    3. "Gallionsfigur" by Bitbreaker of Goldvotze                          48
    4. "Wasserhasser" by T$                                                45
    5. "Smellyass" by Wiesel                                               38
    6. "Hotzenpilz" by D.Fox of Digital Overflow                           31
    7. "Kino (gross)" by SquoQuo vs. AInc/Kackvotze                        31
    8. "termites" by Sirrah of bitpopler                                   28

    1. "mario" by m0                                        ANSI           79
    2. "maus" by tomic of bypass & unik                     ANSI           50
    3. "GeekCamp" by Sirrah of bitpopler                    ASCII          38

    1. "GC Crackmo" by mbb of tum & SDS                                    57
    2. "blink" by qqw of mut & SDS                                         44
    3. "Druckmilch" by T$                                                  41
    4. "doing doing" by Sirrah of bitpopler                                37
    5. "Titten raus!" by DickRSuck of Karlsquell Serviss                   34
    6. "Pic Pac ate Fondue" by kRadD of .tSCc.                             23
    7. "Aerobic" by ddeml                                                  22
Final Words by The Organizers

We did it! \o/ The second GeekCamp is over, and we're all still alive... kinda. :) We actually managed somehow to break even financially, so chances are good for another GeekCamp next year! We didn't have that many visitors, but the ones we had owned the party outright, and beyond that released entries like hell: We had an incredibly high quantity of nearly two releases per visitor! There was hardly any trash-factor, besides the usual and expected flood of entries by the Metalvotze guys... :)

Now, please help us so that we can make a third GeekCamp next year: Spread the word, tell everybody about the party, get us some more visitors! We won't be able to finance the party by private sponsors again, so we have to rely on having enough visitors to pay the bills next time.

Thanks a LOT to the people that made this party possible:

- Robocop/SkyConsulting and the Buenzli Staff for sponsoring great prices.

- mbb and zehbra, which sponsored us an incredible amount of money.

- hypo, who spent a whole week in a lousy renault twingo with me, driving around to find a location.

- m0 for the infofile and results ASCII. (and his brilliant ANSI entry of course!)

- Alois Bissig, the landlord of the location, for being VERY tolerant and cooperative.

- My co-organizers and everyone that came to the party. Thanks guys, thanks a lot.

- Everyone i forgot. (the usual blabla)

Bis dänn, und machäds guät!

Topy44 & the GeekCamp Orgateam